Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • IrishWeasel

    45, 46 and 47: your ex is mental. KCCO, girl. I don’t think you’re gonna have trouble procuring a replacement.

  • GPRacer69

    #45 your bf is totally stupid and really f'd up. Even if you were a pain in the ass, you are super sexy so all would be forgiven.

  • EdmontonBound

    Dear Alberta chivette, I would never leave that pretty smile of yours 😀

    Loyal Alberta Chiver!

  • Anonymous

    #37 suprise butt secks

  • Jeremy g

    Excuse me 47. Can can you pass the butter? It’s behind your face.

    • nuccabay

      you must be her ex, this girl is beautiful

  • Jeremy g

    And don’t feel bad he was probably sick of the paper bag rubbing his face raw when you were together.

    • Jord

      You must be reallly attractive yourself… haha….

  • Amit

    #47 :O I'm moving to Canada

  • KnesR

    POP TARTS-now come in camera flavor.

    • Bailey

      You're the only one who noticed my pop-tart I think. 🙂

  • Lisa

    #41 Worst, you damn hipster

  • Assface

    #32 these guys need a medal…of some kind

  • Undrprsr

    #47….hot enough to make another Alberta Chiver come out of hiding. KCCO!

  • Shat_Thrice



  • gah_derrp


    Obviously he is mentally unstable

  • gah_derrp


    ….and im moving to alberta

  • Chaz

    Wow Alberta Chivette your man must be a complete douche. You are beautiful and will have no problems finding a replacement. Infact if you haven’t, let me know!

  • Always Last


  • Barry McKokkinner

    I read all the comments on #45 and I understand it could go either way (crazy or awesome) but I just want to say that I appreciate her sharing her awesome body. I like her because breasts. 🙂

  • McAnonymous

    #45 #46 #47_Seriously its a shame when a guy has a beautiful girl like this and he tries to keep her away from the world. Usually means some sort of insecurity and douchebaggery.
    …and I love you. If I was in his place I would encourage you to submit to the Chive. You're absolutely smoking 🙂 …and because you're from Alberta I'll bet you're nice and a LOT of fun!

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