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  • Monday Cecil

    #11 So what you're saying is that you are deliberately violating boundaries in your relationship and trying to make your man insecure, and hurt, to assess authority over someone you supposedly love? Awesome, you're a real catch.
    And my wife says, "Wow, now that's a truly inconsiderate cunt."

    • freefly

      maybe their relationship is stronger than yours in the fact that they can harmlessly joke around with eachother like this. I think this is awesome and funny. If her guy gets pissed, shes not to worry with a beaut hump like that. You my friend just need to KCCO!

  • Bob

    #30 crying cos he aint gonna shag her

  • AllanA

    #9 I got stuck on this one for a long while LOL

  • A Non E Mouse

    I must replicate #29

  • dave

    #26 where or how do you get that?

  • Chicago Sean

    #12 No, you can’t jack me off later


    #26 anybody know where to get one of those?

  • SweetDannyJ

    I stand by my conviction. The internet is the funniest place on earth lol awesome

  • Leah

    What is #26 and where can I buy one?

  • Shap

    #12 like a boss

  • Nishtai

    I was falling for #28 until he did that instead

    • Jake

      I remember seeing that years ago on YouTube, I laughed for 10 minutes. Search “ghost encounter” (I think) and it’ll be one of the most viewed.

  • rob

    #14 BAHAHAHA… that is one of the best DMA pic's Ive seen in a while, no less as a photobomb BAHAHAHAHA

    • rob

      oh FML… thats the second time Ive done this now in as many days… I meant #19😦

  • Allenavw

    #14 Those seem so tiny! Couldn't they give him something with a little more "paw" space? How's he supposed to keep balance on things?

  • Nick

    #25 DAMN!!! I'm for sure getting a ticket. Also, bet he gets paid better on the side of the road than what ever his hourly wage is

  • Steven B


    laughed so hard had to put my hot dog down.


  • Anonymous

    25 is all over chilliwack bc. Sneaky bastard

  • Gallus

    #22 – That's what the sucker gets for trying to be cool. Here is a tip – one opens a bottle of champagne the way one would release a black fart at a white tie dinner at the Whte House. That method retains the bubbles.

    #11 – Along with every other guy here, I just have to acknowledge your tushy. Pants are over rated. I'm not big on breakfast, but I definitely want to have breakfast with you.

    #4 – I love nerdettes, especially cute ones.

  • Adam

    #15 is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Great place to relax!

  • Anonymous

    #24 looks like matthew broderick


    #4 Find her!

  • Bill Ostrander, Jr.

    #26 Night light – Looks like a real heavenly body showing there, too, if you look close enough.

  • Dawn

    #14 Po' little Tink Tink!

  • Anonymous

    #26….I want that night light!

  • Dr. Evil

    Butchykid! FTW!

  • Navybabe

    I❤ the kitty ones!
    #2 SO CUTE
    #14 poor baby!😦
    #21 HILARIOUS!

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