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    They're getting all of their fights out now that Tebow's in town.

    • Bobby Hull

      That is NOT an "epic" hockey fight. Look at the Blackhawks St. Patrick's Day Fight from 1991. Pretty much all the players on the ice except the goalies were squaring off.

  • Jonathan

    In fact, that's not epic at all. It's a shame for the sport and the fans out there.

    We want speed, we want goals, we want big (clean) hits. We don't want concussions or savage behaviors like these…


    • jimmycanuck

      agree to disagree

    • dugan

      as an american, i only watch hockey to see people pummel each other….you cant even see the puck!

  • Anonymous

    Go watch tennis jonathan

  • mac is retarded

    So hockey is about attacking the opposing team now? Wtf happened to sportsmanship? This is retarded… Fuxking violent unibrow Neanderthals

    • guest

      concussions don't happen from fights know a little but about the game before you make some hard comment like this

    • Veldman

      there are less fights in hockey and the fights are more controlled these days then they were 10 years ago

  • whatsthepoint

    Hold up, I'm still looking for a fuck to give…… ('-' ) (._. ) ( ._. ) ( '-' ) ( ._.) ( '-') … looks like I can't find it ¯(ツ)/¯

  • Matt

    HTML5 video is for winners. Come on Chive.

  • Hap dawg

    Fighting has always been a part of hockey you pussies. America is full of sensitive lil pusses that watch gay singing and dancing shows. Grow a pair!!

    • jimmycanuck

      couldn't have said it any better myself

      • guest

        AGREED!!! quit trying to place bs rules in a game you had nothing to do with creating or about the culture of it! sounds like i'm listening to some bleeding heart talk show host on the radio who wants to live in some quasi social no one can get hurt society

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  • bisonbade

    awesome, just awesome

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  • Dan

    i played against Cam Janssen when he and I were younger. He knocked the crap out of me in a open ice hit.

    • WGAS

      Cool story, bro.

    • Leonidas

      Yah, cool story, bro. Does your dad work for Microsoft too? I mean, you get all the Halo details before the next game is available, right?

  • NJ Devils fanatic

    this needs to happen more often. fighting is a big part of hockey just ask ron hexstall. i want to see more goalies goin at it as well. gotta love a classic hockey brawl. ps. i was in MSG the place went CRAZY!!!!!!!

  • Redwing2005

    Hockey….a sport so boring and hard to watch, the players have to beat each others brains out to make is somewhat watchable.

    • King Leonidas

      More entertaining than soccer. Bball is a poor excuse for a sport…make it difficult to score then maybe it'll require some skill to play. Try shooting a puck using a stick while skating on knives while trying to avoid a shoulder to the chin. Better yet, try standing in front of a 100 mph slapshot and not having your dick retract back up inside you, creating a VAGINA

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