• Nate

    Gizmodo just posted on this… it's fake 😦

    • nico

      I agree

  • Siiel

    http://goo.gl/2soln <– Wired calling it fake, and his resume doesn't check out, either

    I believe I can fly
    But since I can't, I'll just CGI

  • Adrian

    I love the smell of CGI in the morning.

  • joshua

    Those crazy euro's and their fake shit…..

  • Ouchmaker

    Just flew here today, and boy are my arms tired.

  • http://twitter.com/dclipe @dclipe

    all the hard work in months just to post a fake! lmfao!


    Translation: I really wish i would of taken a poop before i did that because i totally just sharted myself….You're welcome.

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    Real translation: One moment you see the ground moving away from you, and the next moment you get that intense feeling of freedom. It's a f#$king magical moment.

  • gromtown

    yeah all i got was 'fucking' and 'fuck'

  • BanjoPlayer

    Note: that although he is breathing heavily, he did not even break a sweat. It must be f#$ing magic! It isn't science!

  • dewd

    As if those big ass wings could create enough thrust with that little movement to lift a 170lb. man 30 feet into the air for half a minute. that’s magical alright… Camera magic. This guy is the next criss angel.

  • Fern

    Let’s go, send it to Jaimie and Adam over at Mythbusters

  • Yomomma

    And the Chive fell for it…again!

  • MrSusan20

    ok. hate to be this guy again chivers but here we go. yes, this is fake. not by virtue of CGI or some shit but basic physics and biology. there just simply is not enough strength in human arms to flap wings hard enough to generate the lift required to actually take off. even if those wings were made out of fucking fairy paper. that shit works for birds because 1. they have mofucking hulk arms, and 2. their bones are made of honeycomb.

    • Orvil

      …bones are made of honeycomb. Well, no. Their bones are made of bones. They are hollow with bracing that resembles honeycomb. Also, it's not their 'arms' but their pectoral muscles that power their flight.

      Further, one has to be careful. It is entirely possible to 'fly' with no energy input from machine or animal. Hang gliders can soar by virtue of employing fluid dynamics and thermals. With the proper wing shape and wind conditions, a human will one day power flight with their arms. To what use? Who knows other than to say they did it.

  • Man of the North

    If only it could be real… but it isn't

  • FlapnFly

    I don't know why I bother… What's with all the posts about his arms not being strong enough? Are you retarded? It uses the motion sensors from Wii nun-chucks to sense his arm movement and flap the wings using motors. Fuck, do a little research before posting. That said, it's obviously CGI. It's completely fake. Watch his other videos, the CGI is a lot worse than this one.

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