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  • Jawbone

    #23 When your fat and ugly, might as well finger fuck a priceless treasure. No one is going to be finger fucking your lard ass.

  • BigBK

    Wow jawbone is a bit of a piece of

    shit eh?

    • Mickens

      Whilst lacking tact, his general point can be agreed with.

  • naa

    #6 Find Her we need MOAR !!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you #23 and #25. I am with Jawbone! Have some fucking respect!

  • Dr. Evil

    What's wrong with putting syrup on waffles? I do it all the time … does this mean I'm a badass!

    Taken moments before she was tackled by security.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612061526 Beto Mendes
  • Gallus

    I don't get #16. Pouring pancake syrup on waffles is considered radical?

  • Cinderelly

    Umm, it’s a FAKE exhibit. I wouldn’t Have done it if it was real. Fuck off. Keep calm people!

    • Nick

      Don’t apologize. KCCO. And saying its a fake exhibit removes the I do what I want clout. And I’m disappointed in my fellow chivers all Chivettes deserve respect. Cinderelly of you have a body that’s chive worthy send it in.

  • ChaseTheWalker

    #8 Not swimming…

  • Andrew

    #6 gorgeous day in Colorado!

  • Glock17c

    Hey jawbone here is an idea for you how about you eat a dick you fucking fairy faggot.

  • bigAL88

    Dont say sorry there just being douche bags. Even it was real it wouldnt have fallin apart with her barely touching it. Eat a dick jawbone!!!

  • George

    Usually like this feature but #23 and #25 get the hell back. When dealing with stuff thats 1000s of years old, keep off and Chive on.

  • Andy Valentine

    #25 – I started to try and climb the Great Pyramid when I went to Egypt (I'll admit, I didn't see the sign), and you have no idea how quickly lots of very well armed Egyptian security guards appear out of nowhere.

  • IrishWhitty

    Wow people, relax about #23 and #25. There are far worse things in the world. KCCO.

  • Cinderelly

    Again, #23 is a FAKE exhibit dumbasses. Chill out. It made it funnier to take that picture because they were blocking off a bunch of painted plastic. Apparently I should have added a note on the picture for all you fucking morons.

    • omgh4x

      They're totally going to have to repaint the plastic when your finger oils eventually discolor the paint in about 20 years.. HOW DARE YOU.

    • Schlatman

      Cinderelly Cinderelly. You rock

    • ImpressMe

      So you're a fraud and a foul mouthed douchette…… very nice. Whatta loser….

  • Craig

    Damn thechive is gonna get someone's ass whooped pretty soon! lmfao

  • Jake

    All of you need to keep calm. If you can’t just laugh at the pics or keep scrolling past them get off the site. KCCO or get the hell outa here!!

  • T

    Jakes got the right idea!

  • big matt

    Awe man can’t we all just get along hey jawbone roll a spliff

  • deathscythe257
  • EliLane

    #6 Holy crap! I grew up in Ouray!! Haha even graduated from the tiny little school there! You naughty going across the ropes at the ice park you, you coulda fallen into the canyon!!

  • adam

    Need most of 22 plz she’s fucking hot

  • Nick N.

    Whoa… #23, you’re awesome. KCCO cause them haters gonna hate

  • Jonnythekidd

    I hate windbag douche trolls that get all worked up over a damn picture. I don’t care if she woulda rubbed her left ass cheek on it.

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