• Megan Wilson

    Good going chive…making a pregnant woman bawl her eyes out…living as an army spouse I see this everyday but it is even more heart warming when children are involved.

  • Balargon

    Politicians must fight the wars they start.

  • Jammy

    Dad's and there boys!!!!!! No greater bond

  • Rick

    Great video, but I can't believe the dad stayed in character so long..

  • Goldenage_Geek

    Must stop watching these at work, get's me every time.

    Welcome home Cap!

  • disaptvet

    I think I'm allergic to that thing; my eyes are watery…

  • BHM3180

    Don't mind me, just chopping onions over here

  • The

    That’s the most awesome thing I have seen all day!

  • The Captain

    That's the most awesome thing I have seen all day!

  • TeufelHunden

    I have to say, I'm a united states marine and that brought me to tears. Manly tears goddammit! But tears none-the-less. Theres nothing quite like the return home.

  • Kyle

    Anddddd my face is leaking…

    Welcome Home and Chive On!

  • JThom

    damn these military family vids! only thing in the world that can get me to tear up

  • LiQiDVeX

    Yeah, thanks chive. face down in my cubicle for 10 minutes telling my coworkers nothing is wrong.

  • Stu

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  • GB_

    Awesome Dad is awesome. Welcome home.

  • guest

    2:23 and 2:26: best moments EVER for a parent! Way to go!

  • Sean

    Wow that’ll do it every time. Got pretty busty when try hugged

  • Anonymous

    so how many middle eastern babies u shot hero ?

  • Big McLarge Huge

    Goddamn onion truck wrecked in front of my house !

  • http://Facebook.com/themarebearchair Girlinatux

    When I really need to cry for about an hour, I watch these videos…
    Btw, anonymous- enough to keep you free enough to keep sayin stupid shit like that. Show some respect, you ungrateful slime. What you don’t understand and what people like you continue to not understand is that without men and women like this spend months and months away from their families to protect our freedoms, we wouldn’t be America. And if you don’t like it- I hear Canada is nice this time of year. You don’t deserve to walk the same soil our forefathers bled to protect and make free.

  • sappy girl

    That was amazing 🙂 can’t stop crying just thinking about how sweet it was.

  • Bob



    LMAO i rolfed after crying

  • mikeee

    aw when the little brother tapped the shield to answer wheres daddy that was so awesome

  • Qwixel

    He freaked them out totally. Lol. Glad to see dad & kids together.

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