• Ron Cipriano

    That is “the captain America”!

  • Aaron

    Fucking onion truck just crashed outside my house…

  • Nighthawk

    God bless our soldiers and their families.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome awesome.

  • BennyTwoCoats

    made my night

  • sol

    DADDYYYY.. omg precious

  • Byron_Black

    His dad is Captain America?! Sweet!

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  • Erinh

    Being a military wife, seeing stuff like this makes me cry everytime!!!

  • AFoz

    Oh man! Love that video! Reminds me of seeing my dad come home from the first Gulf War. Chive, you make me tear up! Then, I get over it, and start reading comments! Tear up again! Then read Yo Yo Ma's comment, and laugh my ass off. Well done Chive and Chivers!

  • Daddy J

    I’ve been working away from my family for the last three months and I happen to be headed home to see my wife and kids tonight. Thanks Chive for getting me even more pumped to see my kids! Also thanks for keeping me entertained during our separation. (Only three more months until they move too and we are all together again!) KCCO from Alaska

  • bajiboy

    that was awesome!

  • Ray

    Dam you for making me cry

  • J dub

    Out-fucking-standing! Well done, soldier. Welcome home.

  • oopieceac4ndy

    He's a great dad. Im sure a great soldier as well

  • K-VON

    This is fucking awesome!

  • sito1002

    That kid is going to live the best live ever thinking Dad is Cap. America.

  • Rick Moranis

    Not going to lie. Completely caught me off guard.

  • an admirer

    GREAT video of being a Dad. And BALLS of steel for serving our country!!!

  • Big Rob

    Great Fucking Video 🙂

  • Shecki

    Welcome home, sir….and, thank you!

  • Peter lewis

    This is THE MOST heart warming thing iv ever seen, im sitting here after watching it in floods of tears and im not ashamed to say it.

  • john long

    Haha! I lol'd

  • nathan

    excuse me a moment, i have something in both my eyes

  • Jezdezpez

    AWESOME video, such lucky kids!

    It's extremely unfortunate that ~1000 didn't make it home to see this reaction. Mucho respect and congrats on making it home a little late for his birthday as apposed to not at all.


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