Photos from a Chinese gangster’s lost cell phone (21 Photos)

Let the jokes begin...

  • alexmbenn

    #20 "paint me like one of your french girls"

  • done with chive

    wow.. this shit makes me sad.. here i thought chivers were pretty mature and usually thumb down negative comments but asian jokes are okay? very disappointed to say the least.. you all should be ashamed.. im a korean-american born in fort riley, Kansas while my dad was serving.. its ppl like you all that make it hard for me to be patriotic. don't you know your douchebag comments might offend some ppl? so for all of you makin jokes about asian ppl, fruck you all very much.. i just hope you don't teach your kids to be the same way.. they just might get their shit kicked in.. good day..

  • loveygoo

    he keeps on taking pictures of the same dood. i would be pissed if i were that dood.

  • Jade

    You'd think with all that money he could buy himself a shirt.

  • Jeff Satterwhite

    HAS to be gay…the apartments spotless, his hair is perfect, cars are immaculate, and hes taking the pics of the guy gettin' smacked around so he doesn't get his clothes dirty. : P

  • showtownman

    So, like, "gangster" is Chinese for "douch"?

  • Zackchet

    Hahah pic #1 money and that's right all the tea in china

  • Moder

    #1 why you no try fuck on this pho long tea

  • Guest

    #11 "nooooo! not the the nipple twister!!"

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