Photos from a Chinese gangster’s lost cell phone (21 Photos)

Let the jokes begin...

  • Rich

    im not sure if posting these photos may have been the smart thing to do. :S
    just saying… if John goes missing. you know what happened.

  • The Slinga

    Gotta think somehow h will regret losing the phone these pictures are on. What a dipstick

  • LifeB4Diner

    It's HAN from Two Broke Girls!!!

  • Neil $tark$

    Love the Pink Toilet slippers pimp

  • Murdanda1st

    It's all fun and games until he finds your ass.
    Then you get to experience the joys of pics 10-12 personally…

  • Zoltek

    Blacks smell

    • http://thechibe De con

      In the words of the most brilliant Black man ever say unto you”Yo mama”

  • Jason Matthews

    i love how he has a peace sign on in one pic and the next pic he's gonna wack someone

  • Jay

    $1 US dollar = $6.2 Chinese dollars. and there is a million on the table. His cellphone is Vertu – about $8,000 US dollars.

  • jer

    He has been a very shrewd Pokemon trader.

  • todd

    What's wrong America ? Are you jealous?

  • nick

    That dude needs to spend some of that money on some shirts, PLEASE!

  • Matthew T Rader

    This is very interesting, it's like life is so big to him and that he has it all under control and is living it up when in reality he's just some small unknown Chinese crook in an unknown place. Nevertheless, I find the photos to be fascinating.

    • Jucky

      This is very perplexing, it's like life revolves around this M.T.Rader when in reality, he is a rather insignificant little white photographer somewhere in Dallas. Nevertheless, I find the comment ignorant.

  • jAY


  • Jay

    Haha He so Ronry! Oh so Ronry!

    Lol funny how minority groups call white people out on racism but most minorities I have seen are 10 times more racist! And paranoid we are all talking about them when they are not there. Ummmm well we aren’t looser, we are keeping calm and working whic is prob what u should be doing? Instead of walking around playing catch the white supremisist at work!

    Get a life!

  • toysfromgod

    Can't wait to follow this guy on instagram

  • luke

    if each of those bands is 1000, thats abit more than 10k a stack.

  • luke

    most likey bricks of 1000 bills therefore 1000bills at $15USD each = $15,000, *11 = $165,000USD

    I mean the guys driving those cars think hes gonna bother taking a pic for only 15k USD

  • christopher

    He has a lot of toilet paper on his table…. Why is he wiping someone’s face in his crack…. Oh wait I think I know who is on the toilet paper now haha silly asain

  • GrittyInTheCity

    Hehrohhhh rahh rahh

  • Awesome!

    #18 Pink flip flops… a BOSS!

  • Mark

    Don't really find the photos of them beating up some poor guy with their feet on his throat, "funny", but hey, maybe that's just me.

  • sploodge

    #14 – 'Thats a genuine Lewis Vutton!'

  • Dickle

    The pink slippers are flaming…But kinda freaky to think that that dude with the rose on his chest is probably Dead.

  • Mike c

    #19 ohhhhh you dwive fwom the other side no wonder I faiwled dwivers Ed…

  • ChiveAtWork

    Wow, snitch this guy out or what lol

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