This hospital theme restaurant gives me the creeps (16 Photos)

I view hospitals as a last resort after a crossbow accident hasn't fixed itself in two weeks. So why a restaurant in Riga, Latvia would theme itself after one is beyond me. This place looks terrifying, all of the utensils are surgery tools, the drinks are in IV bags, and the chef must be in a coma because the food looks worse than the "sexy" nurse waitresses.

Fun fact: the president of Latvia (who is an actual doctor) refused to eat here after he saw how weird the place actually was.

  • Caitlin

    The Heart Attack Grill is just as bad… Anywhere that makes you wear a hospital gown to eat in and feeds people over 350lbs for free is bad enough

  • sconnie22

    Beyond creepy.

  • Steve

    #4 Harvested organs, right?

  • TheFinale7

    The food here would send you to the hospital.

  • Zeke88

    If you choke on your food there, where would the ambulance take you?

  • drewski

    Absolutely not! No way, no how, not ever ever ever!!!

  • anonymous

    Ha, it's like something straight outta Repo The Genetic Opera (which unlike this place, is awesome). Terrance Zdunich might actually eat here though, he should hear about/see this…

  • Master_Rahl

    Agreed, I found it creepy, too, THEN I got to #10. That's not creepy. That's sexy nurse hotness.

  • Mandy

    That bathroom is going to give me nightmares…

  • Zrock76
  • PA2AK

    How come there aren't any customers in the photos….oh….yeah….that place sucks.

  • EricaJ

    #4 looks as if it belongs in a bedpan not on a table to eat

  • widget

    Looks like a medical fetish dungeon

  • SquirePete

    So…Hostel is a movie based on this place?

  • bulbasaur

    I've actually eaten there ( I'm from Latvia) just to see what's it like. And yeah, it's pretty creepy, especially the bathroom – uber trippy. But they have regular food too, the one on the display is from the "special" menu.
    Also the picture with the guys strapped with mental jackets is part of a way you eat a meal from special menu.
    And don't be dissing our women, Latvian women are really beautiful.

  • H20monkey

    #6 silly restaurant, violens are not hospital themed.

  • Gallus

    I can do without "theme" restaurants like this. I'm way too conservative to enjoy them – if indeed the term "enjoy" can be applied to them.

  • Adam

    Girls in nurse costumes give me boners, so it's all good in my book.

  • yoluuha

    #4 Zombie Meal

  • following news

    Fun fact: there has been new president in Latvia since 2011.

  • Cody

    My brother and I did a 10,000 mile road trip from London to Mongolia almost two years ago. We stopped in Riga to eat at this weird ass place, but it was out of business. -I wonder why-

    However, the women in Riga were unreal. Hands down had some of the sexiest women we saw the entire time.

    P.S. Can you find the girl in the hostel in Riga wearing a skin tight dress that we couldn't stop starring at? She had brown hair…

  • socalmarti

    For the person with a medical fetish.

  • twoedges

    I am strangely aroused.

  • Ditdit

    Disgusting, creepy cool… kiss.

  • Rudy

    It’s cuz they are fed PEOPLE!

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