Why is scratching your head the universal sign for confusion? (31 photos)

By the way, here’s the answer to my rhetorically titled post:

Long ago there was a God named Errodius, he was the God of knowledge. Errodius had long, flowing hair that was rumored to be the source of his knowledge. His sister, Isthmay the God of air, was jealous of Errodius, and planned to cut off Errodius’s hair and magically infuse it with her own to gain Errodius’s knowledge. One night while Errodius was sleeping Isthmay sent an assassin to cut off Errodius’s hair and bring it to her. Isthmay infused Errodius’s hair to hers, and her mind went insane, as it could not handle the knowledge of the universe. When Errodius awoke he grieved over his lost knowledge, and sought Maymorous, a prestigious wizard. He pleaded with her to make him a potion that would grow back his hair and him his knowledge again. Maymorous knew that such a potion was rare, but saw that Errodius would soon become insane if he did not have it. Maymorous gave Errodius the potion with instructions to rub it on his head whenever he sought knowledge.

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