Amazing light sculptures by Makoto Tojiki (15 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    This guy not only has talent but vision and imagination

    • Frambois

      Before I was on your side. But Now I am really starting to dislike you.

      • etcrr's goat

        how could you ever be on Stan's side? someone should call PETA for what he does to me…….

        • Johnny Walker

          I think that the trolls are right, this is some lonely old man who has nothing but his fake little positive rating……… What a douche…

      • etcrr

        i dont care if you dont liek me i am not here to be liked i post caus i want to and tyou cant stop me this isn't a populairity contest so pull up your pants your imaturity is showing

    • etcrr'sgoat

      wow didn't you just post that same lame comment up above??? oh that's right, you deleted it because it was getting thumbs down…. homo!!

  • tango

    i dont want to be that

  • widget

    Those little asians are imaginative! (AND they can hella breakdance!)

  • Gavin.

    That’s pretty badass, that’s art!!

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  • The Looking Glass

    Truly amazing

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