Citron Lemon Festival — that’s a s#%^ ton of lemons (26 Photos)

  • Corey Clu

    This is beyond stupid. Would rather you post nothing then have this crap on here.

  • morgan

    What is that dinosaur having sex with?

  • Der'

    And you are what's wrong with people. If you don't like it, Shut the fuck up and go to a different website. Holy shit, I can smell your rotten, weeping vagina from here! And I'm in the Mediterranean sea right now! God fucking dammit, get a fucking life. If everyone didn't have a stick so far up their ass, and KCCO'd once in a while we wouldn't have problems like you, and the world might be a tad better.

  • etcrr's goat

    your comment has no creativity as usual…

    • Luurtsy

      Apparently proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are not mandatory either.

      • etcrr

        No they are not, You understood what I said.

        • Stan

          wow, I see you have not learned how to spell or use grammar in your 60 years on this planet…

          • Makers Mark

            This is some good shit, I don't know what you have done, but you are being trolled to a whole new level…….. hahahahahaha sucker…

            • etcrr

              i troll them back cause they are stupid and have to wash the bullshit off of there faces cause they have bullshit all over them i am not the sucker they are the suckers cause they suck go ask backseat chiver he has my back

    • etcrr

      Ahh one of my puppets arrives right on time. vioted me down per normal you have zero creativity you say the same thing over and over vote me down no point to prove other than you are pissed off lmao idiot.

      While I am at it I might as well ask you if it makes you feel like a bigger person that you can vote me down more than once and BTW tthis is a Photo Blog site not a creative writing class, so originality and creativity are not manditory

  • Rowena_2012

    #2 Brilliant but why all the lemons? didn't they have any plums?

  • Andyyyyyyyyyyy

    I would have preferred things that bounce Thursday. I say bring it back, with a vengeance!

  • Anonymous

    Not to be confused with a Citroën festival for rotten French cars

  • JaBoO

    I wonder how many children this pointless festival would have nourished?

  • The_Dood

    When god gives you lemons, you… FIND A NEW GOD!!! Godberry! King of the Juice.

  • butt Dr

    So that is what is driving up the cost of lemons!

  • Charlie_Cheen

    Cool, gives me some cool ideas for the next time I throw a lemon party!

  • drew

    #^@% you, scurvy.

  • AllanA

    When life gives you lemons….you wait in TheChive for more boobs and hot girls in yoga pants

  • Tyler

    I wonder what happens to all those lemons once they are done?

  • Useewatididthar

    Seems like a fruity rose parade…

  • Flo

    I need 57lbs of sugar and a 100 handles of vodka…stat.

  • NatalieAnn

    oh i've got my citron I just need one of these lemooon…ss….OH SHIT!

  • Why

    Is it awkward beacause you can't see it?

  • T-bird

    Frankly, this post leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

  • bull1123

    this is retarded and a giant waste of food!!

  • Sluttypanda

    I guess you could call this a…*puts on shades*…lemon party

  • Jala Meladuro

    All this just makes me want some Tequila

  • hui


  • Frank Brewzs

    America has a similar festival except it's with double bacon cheeseburgers (Don't get all bent out of shape, I'm American. I can make that joke)

  • Beckz

    too many lemons!

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