• Raul


    • moogle

      You're still not cool

  • vegasnites

    Iiiii'd have actually preferred to see the headlights over the tail lights.

  • dz1

    dat ass

  • Mr Vock

    That's what I call Junk on the Trunk!!

  • Matt

    HTML5 video is for winners. Come on Chive.

  • kidgorgeous

    Ah to dream of a simpler time. Women in the kitchen, being aloud to eye bang your secretary with out fear of a law suit, being able to hire said secretary based on physical prowess alone, smoking indoors, asbestos in the walls and bomb shelters full of scotch and cigarettes.

    • Brian

      Just hope you get a secretary that can spell allowed.

    • tom

      @Brian BOOM ROASTED

    • theTraderJew

      no time is simple, problems come with every era.

  • Lower


  • etcrr

    front is much better than the back

    • etcrr'sgoat

      you are still pathetic……. are you serious about if you get to 250 you will stop posting on this site?

  • CDT59

    No I never noticed b/c I don't watch this show sorry. All of the women I know do though

  • Royce

    Tap dat ass. She needs a good pooper chute raping!

  • fat

    shes fat

  • Casey

    Is it me or does she have a huge ass?

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