World’s fattest women is engaged…to a chef (10 Photos)

You can’t make this stuff up…..

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  • Hot_and_bothered

    Mom I'd like to introduce you to Susanne ….Mom are you ok? Someone call a doctor, NOW!!

  • @Zordabo

    Shit humans.

  • griffbeats aguilar

    I would Hit it

  • AnimeEyes19

    #9 she looks like she’s melting.

  • J0R

    The government will charge him with involuntary manslaughter. You know, like a certain superstar's doctor.

  • sirSweezy

    Well there goes my chance at true happiness with her. Another gorgeous lady off the market! FML

  • Rafiki

    why the fuck am I single?

  • davo

    this is why the middle east (understandably) hates the west

  • Winning

    Please go eat a fucking salad.

  • neverfucksafatty

    Are you Fucking Kidding Me???? What a Sick Mother Fuckin LOSER!

  • oli

    worst jabba and leia cosplay ever !!!!!

    • Capt. Bo jangles


  • moeshere foxdale

    BOB get your ass out of that office… Thats just not bright….Oh right…shessssssssss

  • Krylo

    Think I just shit in my mouth. 0_o

  • Chimpslayer

    Sick bitch

  • Anonymous

    His milkshake brings all the blobs to the yard

  • Dana

    Her hands look tiny…uh, jus sayin

  • ramon

    Live IS blind, and when it comes time to cash that insurance money he is gonna be blind all the way to the bank.

    • Sue Acide

      Uh. Don’t think anyone is going to give her insurance

  • ludaca

    suicidal whale….he's feeding so after she dies he can make soap of her fat …yuck

  • canadianyota

    oh america.. you wonder why health care isn't fre

  • Sweet Dick Willy

    I wonder which fold he pokes

    • Mike

      Lol nice!

  • AXL088

    I threw up in my mouth!

  • Todd Munro

    My spew from down under will hit you all!!

  • Lisa

    Yowza. My boyfriend is a chef too but holy shit woman, have some self control

  • Anonymous

    …..I’m going to scar you all. Imagine their sex life.

  • shnugs

    The comments where worth the images. Read all 12 pages.

    She's fat. Tons of ppl like her about, you just don't see them. They tend to hide indoors. I think too many people watch tv and watch those Avon adds.

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