• farlok72

    I'd like to see a ninja try and attack him o.0

  • Jammy

    Would have been much better if he was whipping members of Al Qaeda, Hamas or the Taliban.

  • Brian

    I can't stop laughing!!

  • Grant

    Okay bets on how many time that dude has whipped himself in the nuts??

  • Not a fan

    No one claps because the audience is all sliced up and bloody

  • naluukti

    Indiana Jones is jealous. All he can do with whips is steal artifacts, swing over snake pits, beat up Nazis, cut off womens' clothing…

  • robone

    that how you rustle the women into the kitchen in Texas…

  • Kyle

    I'd love to see that guy performing at a downtown street in the city for money. Throwing money into his hat would be one painful experience, guaranteed!

  • Paper Guns

    He also goes by the name Adam Crack. This was filmed where they hold the Arizona Renaissance Faire. Saw his show there last weekend and it was pretty freaking rad. This song was part of the act and was really cool to see live. He also does some stunts with fire whips and the “Big Black Whip of Death”. How’s that for some Chive nerdoriety.

  • Kyra

    I've met Adam many times at the Bristol Rennaisance Faire in Wisconsin, he's an awesome guy

  • @Wrestling_Stars

    I like putting thumbs down on you just because you care so much about your rating.

    • TheFinale7

      that is why we all enjoy doing it….

  • emm

    this guy in bed….

  • Brandon

    epic dubstep

  • Oliver

    This guy plays his own music while whipping the shit out of monsters in Dracula's castle.

  • Anton Lintel

    To think, the creators of mortal combat picked Johnny Cage over this guy. He even comes with his own "FINISH HIM" music.

  • Anonymous

    Please no more stupid videos like this. I’d rather see moar of the mustache whistle man.

  • @PwnTra1n

    Adam Crack is a badass.

  • Skippy

    give him some glow sticks and he will be ready for a rave.

  • Barrolde

    I love you internet

  • HA!

    Anddddd……… still a virgin.

  • Dr_StrangePants

    Well Crap…I'll go ahead and say it:
    That was sorta uncalled for fellas.

  • Tyler Durden

    but will it blend?

  • @unkindagiza

    All fun and games til you whip yourself in the goddamn face!

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