• Davy


    • Mac the Intern

      Dude you won!!! I can't believe it!!!

  • Dude

    Interesting talent

    • NcouthYouth

      He should be a villains sidekick or something…

  • Vicwick

    It would be more impressive if he played "Crack That Whip" by Devo.

    • MrSusan20

      do you mean…. "whip it"?

      • Damn!

        Either way, tempo not quick enough.

  • The devil

    That insane drummer from the zz top cover is also into whips

    • Phil

      Thats exactly what I thought of. LOL

    • War Damn

      It's like beat boxing for white people

  • Grant

    Holy crap that end stance of his is so LOL

    • Sticky Wickets

      Your sentence makes no sense.

  • Oregon_country

    I bet that's how he celebrates every time his gf/wife satisfies him.

  • james

    can't… look… away…

  • Dave

    This guy is like the Bruce Lee of whips

  • meow

    Annnd the award for the most useless talent goes toooo… Adam Winrich! congratulations Adam, you get one million internet dollars!

    • Katie

      I dare you to say that to him

    • Todd

      He actually makes quite a bit off his talent, as he is employed by several Renaissance Fairs all over the world, Competes in the world whip Competition in Vegas, and holds Several World records. In fact he holds records for most cracks in under a minute and longest whip cracked. I would estimate that he make close to if not over $200 grand a year. I've seen him perform live last year at the Texas Renaissance Festival. He was amazing.

  • embry_joe

    next level: work a pair of sixguns into the act, and for the finale take a bite out of his own cowboy hat and then stomp it into the dirt.

  • Quammy

    Imagine if he acidentally whipped his own face. Lol

    • Katie

      I was just thinking I wonder how many times he has hit himself

  • mike hawk

    good thing this guy wasn't around in the late 19th century.

  • MrCoffeeman

    Wish I was drunk.

  • danmac

    If I'm ever sentenced to 487 lashes, I hope it goes down just like this. It would almost be worth it.

  • MonkeyMadness

    I can't imagine that talent brings in too many chicks.. he probably whips it all alone at home.

  • Gijs

    Yes, it's all fun and games until he gets offended and starts to chase you with those things…

  • Tizle

    I whip my hair back and forth

  • Bob

    Love the animal sound that ruins the moment, at the end. Awesome talent, though.

  • Dr Y Fronts

    Somebody find this man a redhead!

  • Edge

    Aw, SNAP!!!

  • Anonymous

    Freaking epic! It’s like watching the Lone Ranger at a rave!!

  • Ted

    That's the same guy that performs at the Bristol Renaissance fair in Wisconsin every Summer. There he goes by the name Adam Crack. He does this wicked cool routine where he lights a whip on fire and cracks it. It makes huge fireballs. Google Adam Crack or fire whip.

    • William

      He does the Texas Ren fest too, very entertaining show.

  • Zaedrus


    • Riley Freeman

      Or best?

    • this guy

      i totally thought it sounded like dubstep too hahaha

  • http://Thechive Alfred

    Good thing he was around in the 1800’s, he woulda have been hurting a lot of workers while making music

  • Johnny Walker

    and so are your amazing comments…..

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