Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • tango

    automate resolution matrix ok thanks buy

  • tango

    #9 awesome

    • thatskiinggirl

      Life In plastic it's fantastic

  • mike

    Sometimes your shoes fly off…

  • Gallus

    Some excellent photos, but #20 lingers in my memory.

    Still, I'd like to buy #60 a few drinks – as long as she wears that "dress."

    And I continue to love #37, a story that merits repeating.

  • Dan

    i dont know why u guys are lookin at the mo on #40 when you can look at smth else

  • cesar

    I gotta take a shit.

  • FaDrizzle

    #20? That’s Ramona Eisberg – you’re only looking at the 10% above water…

  • Dustin Coomer

    #8 is that a cake on his head

  • Lynsay

    #54 Anna, Texas

  • Sean

    Where was 51 taken at?

  • Smack76

    #50 70 million ways to say FUCK YOU peasants

  • DuckDitch

    #20 For the love of God who is this!

  • prpl

    #8 …and after the press conference I will take you back to the barracks and slather you in whip cream and strawberries

  • Moving on

    I keep checking this site, hoping to find the some of the hilarious laughs and fascination it used to give me. Now ALL I see are attention-starved girls with cameras up their butts and the good posts that made this site what it was are few and far between. This site is not what it used to be. Chive, you've lost a loyal Chivette…but at least you'll have a dime-a-dozen college girls here to take my place in this run-of-the-mill T and A site. This site is a douche.

    • Jawbone

      Reading a lot more of these types of comments these days. You aren't wrong.

  • Dr. Evil

    For this, I'm crapping in your shoes!

  • DickFister

    #20 and #22

    I see what you did there …

  • waltgator

    Chive, your homework, find #27

  • T.l.o

    I thought Duck face was not allowed #4

  • MAX

    #7 looks like the gay ginger on Modern Family, I hope that’s not supposed to be Bill Fucking Murray.

  • Combat12bravo

    Good god find #60 mor

  • Filth

    #20 Holy CRAP do I want to be in that tub!!!

  • Malanowich

    #24 Amber Heard ? God damn

  • TheB0a

    23, 33, and 57.
    Liking both of fifty-seven.

  • Ripley

    #35 FTW. Feel free to run a Google image search for 'Lollipop Chainsaw'. Your welcome.

  • Jdazz

    #20 Dear lord, what do I have to do in life to have that?

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