Bringin sexy back (30 photos)

  • smokeEater

    I see what you did there. You posted backs, all I saw were the sexy humps. Thanks chive!

  • brian

    #15 MOAR!!!

    • Anothermuser

      Nina Agdal…she looks like she was made by a computer to look fantastic in every underwear…hot hot hot!

  • Roman

    Absolutely stunning, all of them!

  • connor


    • reeze

      who is she?!

  • jhf60

    There are far too many jaw-dropping honeys to select one or two. Here are my favorites: #25 (best), #26 (2nd best), then – #1,#14,#16,#21 (love the angle of the shot). Thanks for the selection.

  • DotsOfColor

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  • Fish

    It's like the classy man's Hump Day. I feel like I should be sitting here with whisky while I look through the gallery…

    And I am in no way complaining. This gallery should be repeated, my good sir!

  • Andy

    One of my favorite albums in a while. Great Job.

  • Kane W.

    The multiples of 7 really brought it this time. #7 & #14 deserve a mention. Great backs:)

  • Anonymous

    I suddenly want to move to Chicago!! Real woman!!!

  • Anonymous

    BACK DIMPLES!!! One of the greatest parts of a woman

  • Scott

    #4, #16 and #21 Find them!

  • Anonymous

    Need a thread for just those lower back dimples like 25 and 26

  • Tim

    I could live a lifetime and never see their faces… and I’m cool with that.

  • Anonymous

    #’s 6,14,18, & 21 are all absolutely stunning. Beautiful , beautiful women

  • TheB0a

    6, 10, and 16.

  • McLovin

    #15 for the love of everything that is good in the world, i need MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!!

  • butchie

    no. 1, is that a guy?

  • Anonymous

    I am loving #11. Thank you

  • Matt

    Sexy Sexy Sexy!!! #25

  • rooster

    #2 #18 #21 #25 #27 oh my god

  • Blackmantooboocoo


  • jthor

    While #14 is hot, the tattoos look incredibly fake and photoshopped.

  • Michael

    You look at the front so much you forget how good the back is, well just the top of it anyway.

  • Mickey Mouse

    25 won! & 26 is runner up! MOAR!!!

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