Madness from WonderCon 2012 (56 Photos)

Via Comicvine

  • Bored

    1st 😦

    • Troll

      You spelled loser wrong.

  • echogeo

    Manny Ramirez?

    • Pedro


    • Rollen

      Capt. Juan Sparrow

      • Firefighter23

        Gotta roll your Rs when you say sparrow

    • Patient squirrel

      Toy guy from Pawn Stars

  • chavo


  • Brian


    Wow, look what you made magically appear.

    • reaperMEDIC


    • Underbaker

      I don't care what card she shows me, she will always be right.

    • _me

      I saw this and I nearly "dezzij ni ym stnap". then I saw #20 and I decided to throw up a little instead.

    • JHL1

      She looks great in hi-res too…

  • TJisThatGuy

    #20 moar!!!!!!

  • SolidusSnake420

    The only madness is what the Prometheus trailer gave me. I have no clue what to expect in that movie, except Space Jockeys!

    • dave99

      well from the trailer it shows you they find some ancient relics that lead them to a planet. On the planet they find a ship and figure out its loaded with bio weapons in the form of the aliens. They accidently wake the navigator and his guardian who they battle to escape from. The navigator then starts the ship up to bring it to earth to release the aliens. In a last ditch attempt to stop it they fight their way back to their own ship and crash it into the alien craft to stop it from leaving the planet, so they sacrifice themselves to save earth.
      Thats just what I can gather from the trailer

  • Jared S

    #20 what the fuck…

    • MarthaJeane

      Super J. Protector of Virginity.

    • Shawzy

      That's a better sloth from "the goonies" than the actual sloth.

    • FONZIE

      It's Pat!!!

      • Potsie

        The this or that!

    • falcore

      Nailed it lol

      • Jared S

        whatever "it" is i am sure glad he did…may be his first and last

    • mojo77


    • reaperMEDIC

      And rocking the moose knuckle!

      • Underbaker

        Knuckle? You can hide the whole moose in there.

        • MonkeyMadness


    • SARmedic

      It's Super Pat!

    • Black6dog

      Timmy Williams?

      • NJF

        That's the first person I thought of, but in season 4 and 5 he lost a lot of weight.

    • _maxPain_

      forever alone !

    • Gallus

      This character is very androgynous. I can't tell if it is a guy or a gal. So is this a Superman wannabe, or a Chaz Bono wannabe?

    • K t C

      This is pretty much how I picture all of you guys

      • Underbaker

        And you still come here?

    • Melody

      Who knew Rick Santorum liked cosplay!?

    • gretagravel

      i concur… wtf

  • @budman43224

    MOAR #9

    • Snipes


    • Ned_Plimpton

      Amazing body meant to do dirty dirty things.

    • flybirdsfly

      #9 Every time I look at her I sai…..

      • P90

        I wouldn't mind being in'sai'de her……oh never mind.

    • Jeremy Frame

      I'll take two

    • Brian

      find her!

    • EMKAY

      Just make sure to remind her "no teeth"

    • whatsthepoint

      She can finish me any time!

    • Ryan

      Can we get a Find this Girl???

    • Steve

      Yes please!

    • Mr X

      FTW! Flawless victory

    • Connor

      That would be Rosanna Rocha, a good cosplaying friend of Jessica Nigri actually. This is her facebook fan page:

      Make it happen, Chive!

      • @budman43224

        You sir are awesome, thank you.

  • that girl

    wow what a crazy gathering of chunky freaks and geeks, at least work out if your going to walk around almost naked..

    • Kmac

      Chubby girls need love too.

      • jesus christ

        they just gotta pay…gotta pay…

      • Walk of Shame

        You know what they say say "Chubby girls have to be good in bed, because they have to be."

    • ImpressMe

      Yeah…you're that girl…that girl who is probably no damn fun to take anywhere because you spend all your time snarking about other people, how they look, what they wear, and what they are doing. Lighten up princess…I doubt you are "all that" either.

      • that girl

        Nah I just say that because I work my ass off to look good in short shorts and I'm just surprised at these people's lack of shame, but hey whatever floats your boat.

        • patience

          And the fact that that girls don't have any problems with their bodies and they walk half naked with no worries, it's your problem because….? I'm 42 y old woman and I wish I could go there…duhhhh!!!

        • that man

          Just because you work out doesn't make it ok for you to be a bitch.

        • Adam

          Pics! Or STFU!!

    • Hypo

      and you should take grammer lessons before posting to a public forum.

      • Max


    • thatTXguy

      *you're, as in work out if you are going to walk around almost naked

    • Morgan Freeman

      We have a douchette here people! very rare indeed.

    • jpadawan666

      you are an asshole! It takes some cojones to walk around all damn day wearing an outfit like that taking pictures. You probably couldn't pull it off, you ugly fuck. My appreciation to these fans, as for you, "that girl," please go die in a hole, your parents probably never wanted you and will have a party. FUCK YOU!


    #49 Pretty solid. Must have taken for fucking ever!

    • Hunter X

      When you're FOREVER ALONE, you've got nothing but time on your hands. Well, maybe a little lotion, too.

    • thedude325

      That things got to be heavy as shit

      • JHL1

        Yes because it's made of a lot of metal… certainly not cardboard o.0

    • Big James

      This photo is before he stepped into the stilts which are the legs in front of him. When he was finally up he was huge. We got some photos with some chivers and him…fully erect lol but I don't see them posted.

      • Stanislav Sympatico

        Where is the rest of his legs?

  • Colin

    #23 Hal really let him self go

  • echogeo


  • Ned_Plimpton

    #2 #9 #19

    Okay, now turn around, please!!!

  • I_Love_You_

    Nicki Minaj getting out and about a bit these days, good to see her looking so well..;)

    • @goodnightmexico

      You win all comments for life.

  • Boing

    winner winner, chicken dinner!

    • Blake


  • Junkyard Dog

    People that dress up are REALLY weird. Get a life, losers.

    • Toilet Cleaner

      Amen. These are some nerdy freaks. Also, they're all virgins.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Your 2 dads never let you trick or treat??

    • Steve

      Yes god forbid you retain the ability to use your imgination and have fun as you get older……

      • Lil John

        So what do you do with your spare time? Sit around getting fatter because you're too cool to like stuff? Get over it. Chicks dig it when you actually DO stuff, and your warcraft wife is a dude.

        • thatTXguy

          When did he mention sitting around playing games? He just said use your imagination and have fun. That doesn't limit one's activities to simply staying home and getting fat.
          Don't be an asshole

    • nick

      Arr Bless, mummy never let you have fun. My god what a anally repressed idiot.

    • Gallus

      When I compare these folks to the costumes I see being worn by gang bangers, punks and goths, I think these people make a hell of a lot more sense. At least these nerds know it is all fantasy.

    • Ted

      Especially people that dress as sports athletes that look like they haven't exercised since they were in middle school.

    • Vee

      These comic conventions and anime conventions are actually really fun, I have actually met some really cool and interesting people at these things. Just because they like to dress up as their favorite character from a flim/anime/comic doesn't mean they need to get a life, a lot of these people are married, have jobs (I've met doctors, lawyers, judges) so it's not just stuck to virgins and losers, these people are living life probably more than you ever will.

    • HamSamich

      The hate is strong with this one. Someone grew up in a no fun zone… back to my blanket fort.

    • Kyle

      As a nerd, and avid comic lover, i will say that you sir/miss, can go screw yourself. Just because people are passionate about something that you may not be, doesnt make them losers. Cosplay is to nerds as jerseys are to sports fans. The real losers are people who automatically dislike anything they arent accustomed to, like you.

    • jpadawan

      Hey Douchebag, I go to these things, I'm 16 and this is awesome. It takes some cojones to walk around all damn day wearing an outfit like that taking pictures. My appreciation to these fans, as for you, "Junkyard Dog," please go die in a hole, your parents probably never wanted you and will have a party. FUCK YOU!

    • yeah

      Junkyard Dog lives a very normal, common, aka BORING, life. Let me guess, football games on tv, beers with your bromance guy friends, talkin' about the good-ole days when you scored 2 touchdowns in that high school game that only you remember and give a shit about…yawn. Enjoy your unspectacular life that's exactly the same as nearly everyone else's.

  • I_Love_You_

    Jesus Christ what is that..

    • Brett

      Maybe a villain from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Don't know why I think that.

    • HUH?

      cum on feel the noise….. girls rock your boys……….

    • Smalltown IL Chiver

      I'm gonna go with one of the Thundercats.

      • ImpressMe

        Its sort of a Thundercat….with really bad Julia Roberts hair….. lol

        • I_Love_You_

          It's a sort of a 'Tigger' with Julia Roberts hair me thinks!

      • Underbaker

        Looks like a love child between Lionel and Cheetara.

    • Mandalor

      What they look like on Dee Snider's home planet

    • Yo diggity

      Looks like Paul Stanley in Tiger drag

    • Jaives

      Furry nipples. Once seen cannot be unseen.

    • Crackerjack

      Carrot Top dressed up as Twisted Sister

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      Frosti of kellogs cornflakes

      • I_Love_You_

        By George I think you've got it!

    • JHL1

      It ain't easy being cheesy.

    • MikeyT

      Tony the Transvestiger?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #54 Looks like Paula's cooter

    #48 Poor girl's snatch is getting strangled!!

    • Ezee


      Nooooo, that's whoopie Goldberg!

      • Ever



    So..full of..hymens and other things…..

  • sdawson22

    #54 whoopi goldberg??

    • Underbaker

      Looks like #55 just french kissed it.

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #54 can't tell if Predator….or Vag Mouth.

    • @danieljillm

      I'd hit it

    • gron

      I worried that he looks weirder with the mask off. Why are his eyes so fucking close together?

    • HamSamich

      Ever seen that movie "teeth?"

  • echogeo

    Curious if she's a butter face or not.

    • Falthor

      who gives a rats ass it just means a 180 degree turn anyways.

    • Lil John

      Doesn't matter. Had (clone) sex.

    • Jinkies

      Gives me a Boner Fett.

      • dominantone

        from booba fett

        • danno29388

          Should be Bewb-a-Fett

    • CptainPurple

      Does it make it weird if she leaves the helmet on?

      • banananah

        yes if you watched star wars

    • Jim

      It's Boba-Fap

    • JHL1

      Who cares if she is, just look right below her face!

  • @GamerKitty84

    I wanna go so bad:D #47 Help me Obiwan Kenobi…

    • no homo

      save me tom cruise

    • AsciiAdam

      Same but by the time I get my debts paid off and have the money to fly to California for a convention I will prob look like this guy.

      • framptizzle

        I'm pretty sure he was one of my teachers in highschool

  • kidgorgeous

    #9. God gave women two boobs because idle hands are the devil's tool.

    • mr donuts

      damn those tits

  • I_Love_You_

    note to self…..I MUST TRY HARDER NEXT TIME

    • AdamBaldick

      I dont know why, but Im afraid of this person

    • _maxPain_

      man boobs ? is that a man or woman ? not sure but I agree with iloveYou,,definitely must get rid of the huge diaper ,,

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