Madness from WonderCon 2012 (56 Photos)

Via Comicvine

  • Josh Hall

    UHH Sorry were you saying something?

  • Matt

    Bet there's a frightening amount of nerd sex happening around that deal. Well good for you guys.

  • waffles

    Best costume should go to #41, thats an awesome suit!

  • etcrr

    #2 #19 #27 look very convincing to me

  • KTS

    The cape?

  • Ray

    #9 has an amazing rack! Good lord to stuff my face between those

  • Tommy Wren

    #43 Curry always rocks it right.. need more pics of her.

  • DDV

    #9 FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woody

    This dude makes Corky look normal… #20

  • Anonymous


  • Jammy

    #55 I'd tap that…

  • Mike Fugazi

    #9 moar?

  • Jeff

    This is THE CHIVE.

  • Darrell

    #34 – Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister?

  • Tom

    #43 Curry as Admiral Daala?

  • ccc

    I'm not leaving this page until someone tells me who #9

  • Mike Litoris

    #22 Booba Fett?

  • Mike Litoris

    #5 Yes! Rocketeer!!!

  • Ass-man

    basically if you're a blonde girl you can be 90% of any superhero girl ever

  • Shawn


    …Nailed it

  • fed

    how do they go to the bathroom?

  • thatTXguy

    She always has great costumes

  • Skedaddle

    #9 #11 #27 all would look good in body paint.

  • T_Bag

    #22 – Booba Fett! Would love to see what's under that costume!

  • Jesus's

    Saw #3 at the Giants World series parade drunk waving his cape 8 stories above street level while cops cleared the the top of the building…YEA

    • Erik Lopez

      I'm the guy in the GIANTS WOLVERINE costume. I was that guy on top of the building that day during the World Series parade, but in this pic I'm NINER MAN and my brother is GIANTS Wolverine. Keep an eye out for some of the new SF GIANTS commercials for 2012 I'm in 2 so far but I might be in more. Just look for the Wolverine GIANTS mask. If you got any pics of me during the World Series while on top of that building please send them to me at my email Ok thanks

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