Madness from WonderCon 2012 (56 Photos)

Via Comicvine

  • George

    #35 Have no idea what this is a costume of. Apparently I have reading to do.

  • kessel81

    #22 Booba Fett can freeze me in carbonite any day.

  • Brandon

    WonderCon takes place every year in Anaheim, California. It is a display of costumes and everything comic books, science fiction, and motion pictures, and VIRGINS. Looks like it was a good time again this year.

  • Combat12bravo

    Who knew there was hot nurds among us #51 and 46

  • Meh

    Love it. Some of these costumes are amazing. But I think my favorite are the one’s that are terrible. If only because I like not knowing if they just did a shitty job or if they are being ironic about it.

  • JumpAndChive On

    17 is awesome. Priest from Assassin’s Creed multiplayer.

    21 sucks. New master chief looks like a car from the early 90’s.

  • LsalasPSU

    The girl in the far left on #5, oh yeah. that's my girl!

  • Doug

    I would like some #9 and #19 please.

  • mshaw166

    #20 is a unic. #9 and #27 are not

  • blasian midget luver

    Most of all the ladies……Sept the fat one.

  • blasian midget luver

    Moar!!! Not most. Auto correct can suck it!!!

  • Face

    #34, is that supposed to be ThunderCats or Zubilee zoo ?

  • organix85

    #9 moar Mileena…

  • Bob

    #19…Find her.
    #27…Her too.
    #43…I'll trade both of them for her though.

  • @Computalotapus

    #9 #19 MOAR

  • _maxPain_


    Have the weirdest boner right now..

  • ConradLK

    #15 Captain Black Sparrow

  • square

    #43 Adrianne Curry?

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  • Vince

    Is #35 from a show/movie and if so which one?

  • Anonymous

    Wonder woman needs to put the thigh master down. Other than that she fills that outfit out nicely.

  • rmb

    #9 is amazing and you should find more of this beauty who is fighting her way into my heart

  • Anras

    #22 ITS BOOBA FETT!!

  • chesterc1984

    Need a pic of number 9 from behind

  • Kyle

    This is the first year in a long time that Wondercon took place in Anaheim actually. For the last few years it's taken place in San Francisco! (Which is when i could go. why move wondercon? why?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!)

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