One does not simply age Christie Brinkley (36 Photos)

  • Mr.MT

    Her plastic surgeon is an artist.

  • Ian G.

    What a way to start my day! My first real crush! I love me some Christie!

  • cudaman

    #7 the look on the bellhops faces say it all

  • cudaman

    WTF? I only hit enter once!

  • Guest

    God i miss the 80s

  • Matt

    Its like she Got younger lookin through the 90s and early 2000’s

  • I_ME

    and now without makeup!

  • Alan

    Menopause or not, I'd pump so much sperm into this woman she'd have to get pregnant.

  • Always Last


  • Mike Weinraub

    Wow Christie Brinkley is one of the most beautiful women of our generation. Every year she looks more stunning than the next.

  • Angel_Baby

    I think she is fake. She claims to not have any work done. Come on. As old as she is you know that she has. Furthermore. She was on a talk show talking about a musical she was doing in Chicago. And they ask her about her ex-hubby and she started crying… What a joke she is… She is nothing more than a gold digging controlling two face twit… She married them for money and not she is trying to make her ex-hubby Peter look bad… I feel sorry for him… She needs to get a life. I think that she is as ugly as sin.. I don't feel sorry for her at all…

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