• Poorman

    i will never understand the human condition. idiots- if you like a sport so much, why dont u go play it yourself instead of beating the shit out of each other? Risking your own life and limb for some team who could give two shits less about your fight; why not support your own team that way? Or the willingness of the public to support paying huge sums of money to people who are good at a form of exercise but shit on the educators.
    Its got electrolytes!

    • an_educator

      awesome idiocracy reference. agreed.

    • Jack Sparrow

      I agree wif u, bro. I thought soccer is about kicking & manupulating a ball, not human… wat a bad ass … Tell those involved , go & get a life!!!

    • Parrothead1991

      Because it's Russia…. They just don't give a fuck!!

  • http://twitter.com/JayArrgh @JayArrgh

    Does this mean the Soccer team in blue is better? I don't understand how Soccer works or how people are this into their home team.

    • Otter

      You realize it's not just soccer fans who are over zealous in their support over their teams, right?

  • that guy

    While their fighting I'll be ordering there girlfriend online 😀

    • TWALL


      • anon

        *they are

  • tool

    fake, no blood…

    • Human Typhoon

      LIES! there was BLOOD IN THAT ICE! BOY!

    • Dan

      Did you not see the guys face, he got hit in the mouth and was nearly spitting out blood. Also, you don't bleed all over the place in a regular fist fight like that, nobody had a knife or anything.

  • danmac

    Agreed. Camera conveniently didn't catch any punches landing. Worse than the lunar landing.

  • PresidentPutin

    While I agree that this is extremely stupid, it's important to mention that in many cases, at least in Europe, soccer teams aren't supported by the citizens of the city or town they represent but rather the social or religious faction that has become associated with them over the years. I know in Scotland there are two bitter rivals, the Rangers, who are a Protestant supported team and Celtic who are back by Catholics. Fighting over religious beliefs is probably even more stupid, but definitely nothing new.
    Anyone who thinks this is fake is a jackass, look up Russian Soccer Fight on Youtube, there are MUCH crazier ones that this.

    • Edward

      Well said.
      This is tribal warfare, plain and simple.
      Funny thing is in most case these hooligans don't even go to the games. In England they even ban them form even watching the game on TV.

    • Vince

      They're called Ultras.

  • Edge

    The time honored tradition of a great sport. The orange team were practicing taking a dive…

  • Jerry

    Blue team won

  • AuSome

    Guess theyve been watching Green Street Hooligans too much lol

  • kai

    How gay is that fight!!!! You guys should see the mexicans!!!! These are big fights(about 400 to 600 on each side) and no rules like this gay shit with the refferi

  • Otter

    Bunch of idiots. But it is funny that orange attacked blue and then got their asses kicked.

  • Farlsbad

    Blue team rules!

  • KCHool
  • thataguy

    yep yep…..no blood on the snow

  • Michal

    thats nothing! watch how we do in POLAND!

    com and visite poland 🙂

  • Michal

    Looking back, Giving the camera to the comrade with epilepsy was a bad choice….

  • Terrill

    that was awesome the dudes in the orange should have stayed home

  • ashton

    if this was fake they defiantly added some good sound effects of peoples fists going into peoples skulls, and the two guys in the far back getting their faces kicked in are really good at jerking their heads back so that it looks like that. why are you guys trolling so hard, you really think that russians are actually smart enough to fake this kind of shit. lol i dont see how you see this as fake at all…………….

  • mike

    Camera guys sucks.

  • Dan

    I'm pretty sure two of the orange guys are dead, when the camera went over the group everyone but two were getting up or writhing on the ground, but the two were motionless


    We call it hockey in Canada, pussies

  • guytabernac

    worst camera man ever was there a Sasquatch around because i didn't get to see any fight but go blue

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    Hey Chivers!

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