Stupid is forever (23 Photos)

  • Ell
  • tdub

    I didn’t get #4 either…that makes me stupid?? Or old???

  • Anonymous

    #23 was taken at the OKC bombing memorial

  • 'berto

    #18: stupidity level Superhuman, Snookie-class.

  • Dr. Evil

    Hey look, it's mayer's girlfriend.

    Just kidding, mayer will never have a girlfriend.

    • Dr. Evil

      Even then, she's wearing a top that goes slightly below her collarbone, mayer would yell at her for wearing something that "objectifies" her.

    • Mattchew

      This post should be just Mayer’s rants. No need to change title.

  • Chicago Chiver

    #4 – Meanwhile millions of late 80's and 90's kids cry out in agony.

  • Shakibing

    #16 Thats a lovely kitchen! Too bad it's being abused xD

  • That Canadian Guy

    #16 what WAS the thought proses that lead up to this?

  • Jesus

    #6 isn't necessarily so stupid. It's VERY hard to contaminate blotters, due to potency issues. You would have to use a psychedelic similar in potency and cheaper in order to scrape together an active dose on a blotter. The DOx series (e.g. DOB, DOM, etc.) is the one of the only ones (and it's pretty rare, if you're going to rip someone off with a blotter, you just give them paper). The DOx series can be scary, but is reasonably safe (just lasts a helluva long time), and acid is among the safest drugs known to man if proper precautions are taken (scientific fact, not the crap they teach you in school). BUT, liquid doses from randoms aren't such a good idea in terms of safety. You have been warned.

    There are more and more sources of environmental estrogens as time passes. Also, the fertility rate (and, it seems, the general manliness) of guys has been plummetting. Is there a link? I don't know, but do you really think it's a good idea to take in all those extra estrogen compounds (not that it's stopped me from drinking milk…).

    What IS stupidity, though, is that fucking haircut…

    • JerseyMatt

      you put way too much time into that and no we aren't impressed that you took acid or know about acid

  • Twigfinger

    Holy re-post Batman.

  • Gallus

    #6 – "Stupid is forever." You got that right.

  • Derpshit

    News Flash…the internets has run out of new pics.

  • dewd

    #16, LMFAO. That is all.

  • Ewww

    Ewwwwwwww #1 ew

  • Capt. Bo jangles

    #1 DFFL! duck face f

  • Capt. Bo jangles

    #1 DFFL! duck face for life….. Way to go blow job…

  • Justin

    Is it just me or does the chick in pic #6 look like Harry Potter with a wig???

    • Supernova

      i actually think it's a dude!

  • Guest

    #19 dick in a box

  • Elleny Mitchell

    #8 is were I live, whaaaaaaaat

  • Snuffy

    If #17 is talking about dinner then I agree.

  • Abraxas

    #12 Paris Hilton is …..HOT!!!

  • Rickie Woodhousen

    so now people are stupid if they dont know the name of the pink pokemon guys??????? at my school, you probably would have gotten beat up for knowing something like that.

  • dustin_b3

    I have no idea what the answer is supposed to be…. I probably woulda picked that one too.

  • John Hall

    I have noticed the Chive staff has been using photos from the past.
    I notice it mostly at the end of the week.
    Come on now let's not get lazy…
    Kcco Still love the site….

  • @Coupas

    #2O Seen it in Greece too….Very irritating

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