Stupid is forever (23 Photos)

  • lanz

    #5 is true, you better be damn scared of dolphins, they rape people yeah freaky right? look it up

  • Bob

    #6 remember these girls with dreadlocks don't shave any body hair……….and are probably lezzies
    #1 cute but dumb

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  • sploodge

    anybody else notice #16 had 2! fridge freezers?

  • Luke

    I’d still beat the brakes off #11

  • _Lo_
  • Charmous

    #12 Bitch you a hot mess!!!!!

  • big baby jesus

    #11 there goes her whole welfare check.

    • me

      Why it gotta be a welfare check!?

  • Anonymous

    The picture of the moon is in color, that’s the color or the dirt.. duh..

  • Dr. Emmett Brown

    #4Truly, one must be stupid to not have an extensive knowledge of meaningless Pokemon characters. I know I for one devote my entire day to their memorization instead of living a productive meaningful life.

  • Roger Pidacter

    #17 Her appetizer is you weekly caloric intake.

  • pablo

    #17 food….. She’s talking about food.

  • aaron

    #16 were socks really the best option?

  • Anonymous

    #17 Crossfit. You’re doing it wrong.

  • Trevor

    #17 – Makes sense, in a roundabout way. You may make a 300lb lift as a part of your workout routine, and she's likely winded rolling out of bed (warmup).

  • hmcby

    #12 so would

  • RichardtheIV

    #8 Forgot to blur the final last name of Mitchell Bond… I am now hunting for him… he has Chive to blame.

  • Ben

    #12 Don't worry I'm not.

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