TheCHIVE is coming to Indiana University! We need campus ambassadors (16 Photos)

It is a little known fact that many of the "brains" behind theCHIVE are from the great state of Indiana. And of those genetic mishaps, several of us are also grads from Indiana University down in Bloomington (Me, Leo, Emily, and Megan). John went to nearby Hanover College.

Last year we made our first visit to the IU Campus the week before Little 500 for a meetup. We had so much fun with the Chivers there we've decided to make it an annual event. This year's mission -- Make the weekend before Little 500 into Chive 5. Our parents told us we needed to grow up and start acting our age...they only fueled our reckless immaturity.

So here's where you come in. We need is for several IU student Chivers to help us with the planning of the event, Chive ambassadors to be the go-between for us prior to our arrival. You'll be doing the scheduling and coordinating of events that will ensue on the opening weekend of the Little 500 from April 13-15. In exchange you will be destroying yourself with us all weekend with us and finding new ways to test the laws of alcoholic debauchery.

So for those brave few interested here is what we want from you to help us make an informed decision. Send a little information about yourself to me (keep it brief and to the point) at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com. Mention some of your organizational skills and scheduling prowess along with your level of maturity -- preferably less is more here. I will sort through the requests and pick a couple representatives to help put on this massive event.

So get crackin' and remember -- we're all counting on you. Below are a few highlights from our last trip down there for you to make fun of us for. It's OK, we understand.

  • ksc

    guys get rich posting other people pictures to a website and go back to their old college…every mans dream

    • Uh-oh

      nailed it

  • OS-Who

    Chive, you should just come over to Ohio University, #1 Party School, nuff said.

  • John

    cannot wait to go

  • Gtech

    Fuck yea. I’ll be here waiting!

  • Brow Down

    Go Cats!!!

  • Troy

    IU sucks go purdue

  • sean

    They hung the flag up the wrong way! It's backwards So dumb 4 real!

  • Guido

    1. You're too old to be partying with college students, you'll just look like you're trying too hard to be "hip".

    2. The scarf is done! Get rid of it. Much longer and we'll have to start featuring you in one of the Douche Bag threads

    3. Cut back on the commercialism of your site. We get it the Sponsors bring you money and that's great but there is a limit to the commercial graffiti on your website.

    4. I'm nowhere near Indiana so screw them, bring on the D.A.R.!!!

    • Chris

      Well said. The site is worse with every picture of themselves.

  • Zebop

    You bastards! IU wouldn't take me. I went to Ball State. Don't worry, I still cheer for IU basketball.

  • jwedge

    Too bad you guys didn't go Purdue. Chive On!

    P.S. – IU sucks

    • Troy

      Lafayette ftw

  • DotsOfColor

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  • Keep Calm

    Loving it from Indy! Yet another great Hoosier creation!

  • Ali

    Chive on from a Hanover College Chivette!

  • togaen

    I missed you guys when you were in town last year, no way in hell I'm missing it this year; the french girl in #12 is a friend of mine. She parties hard… too bad she's in New York now.

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  • Erik Johnson

    The flag is hanging backwards on the porch FYI.

  • Anonymous

    Why go to Indiana? Come to University of Kentucky…(if you have no idea what I’m talking about, refer to the last game)

  • kyle

    Come to ASU! The real number 1 party school

  • Wisco

    Boooooo. Wisconsin is soo much better. You should come to to UW-Madison, that's where the best times are to be had!

    • No_to_Wisconsin

      Ew, Wisconsin in general….

  • guest

    love the chive, but i have to say it….BOILER UP!

  • Gallus

    #9 – I always appreciate a good moon.

  • Zappers

    How bout them Wild Cats…

  • okawesome

    The bag game is called cornhole, I would think the chive would get behind that

    • Uh-oh

      The only cornholing the editors of this site do is with each other.

  • Tonya

    Looks lame-o..

  • Strohs

    Hmm, pretty sure we'll be riding that weekend with deCycles Indiana. That's way too tempting

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