Hot Right Now: Celebs who dabbled in the porn industry before getting famous (15 Photos)

There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (87 Photos)

I think you'll agree that, as far as Sexy Chivers go, this is a rather good one...

Thanks to all the Chivettes for hammering my inbox sideways this week. Due to the volume of submissions, if you don't see your photo this week, check in next week.

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  • Jeff

    #4 you look beautiful from behind. Let's see the front side next & I'm sure you have a fantastic smile too!

  • CJJ

    Beautiful, thanks ladies. #10 thats sexy as hell. #55 I love that ass

  • Martin_McFly

    #21 Oh wow! What a beautiful Chivette!

  • J

    #29… I would love to enjoy that 😉

  • drich

    #62 why are you hiding? Can we see more of your gorgeous face?

    • Newbie

      #62 is also #8

  • Skedaddle

    #8 #10 #29 #33 #69 you are some of the sexist Chivers yet.
    #13 pick up your room.
    #45 I’m sure mom & dad are proud on your 18th, as are your high school teachers who’ll see this.

  • D

    #67 should be wearing a phillies hat

  • bz1

    #57, #58, #65, #68 MOAR, please! What cuties!

  • TommyBoy


    BOOM – SHAKA – LAKA!!!!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      "off to porn she goes, oh off to porn she goes, hi ho the dairy-o, it's off the porn she goes"

  • *dash*

    while I love seeing some skin like #10 and #51 but some beautiful eyes like #67 always gets me

  • Jeff

    #24, the town will never be the same!

  • bz1

    #70, #72, #74, #77 MOAR! very pretty women!

  • andrew19

    #45 please marry me:)

    • evihc

      Finally legal to drink or finally legal for sexual congress? Either way, I heart your body.

    • Chuck


  • Dunny_

    #44 looks so good it's almost illegal.

  • Jeff Albertson

    #67 I absolutely LOVE this. GO REDS!

  • Skedaddle

    #69 you are more than sexy. You are stunning.

  • Prometheus

    meh. last week's was better.

  • coinbank

    #40…ok quota met….was that racist? 🙂

    • You're Welcome

      … and why da sista gotta be #40 (i.e. 40 o.z. malt liquor)?

      • coinbank

        well in this format, Last position is a place of honor as is 1st position, so the black lady was placed accordingly… the middle

        i do hope you all know this is the sarcastic. Hot is as hot does, regardless of color

    • dan

      easily the sexiest girl on this whole album. its not fair

  • matt

    F*c¥ the chive if you don’t show tits or ass you don’t get posted. My hot wife didn’t get posted yet again cause I didn’t want to show her tits or ass. Bullshit

    • 99mike

      Check back to #11. No T. No A…just a sexy smile.

    • HatBomb

      #86 #82 #79 #78 #11

      Your argument is invalid.

      I could go on, for at least 30 more in this post alone. You are definitely not keeping calm, please move on to Reddit.

    • Kent

      you sound insecure to me.

    • askdfg

      #41 #67 # 73

      • askdfg


        • Uhhh.

          I didn't show T&A and I'm up there. Also, I love how you say "I didn't want to show her….". If I was your wife, I'd do what I want….right after I was done in the kitchen.

  • bz1

    #79, #80 & #87 Amazing!!!!!! MOAR, please! 😉

  • Jeff

    #31, you can come clean up my house any time you want day or night! Especially night:)

  • Everyone

    I would love to fight you..

    • forget

      you can fight your way out of a wet bag puss

  • etcrr

    #60 I don't have a clue who she is but MOAR a LOT MOAR! Her own post would be great!

    • Lev

      "Those are skin tight! How do you get into those?"

      • Couvs

        You could probably start by buying her a drink 😉

        I could definitely see her showing up on FLBP too!

  • coinbank

    #45 does that mean "18" or "21"???? need to know if i need to rufi you or get your drunk…

  • ronnieblaze

    #33 #44 #45 #48 #53 #55 #61 #62 #81 #85


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