Time to take a trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • Anonymous


    But brush up against another car and all of the sudden they knew it was you all along.

  • Xtina

    Ahhhh that was a good one!!!! Good job Chive!!

  • Sir Robin

    Look at the bones…

  • Master_Rahl

    #31 Beetlejuice, excellent movie. I always had the hots for this dead girl. I think she was Ms Argentina "before she had her little accident"

  • Master_Rahl

    "they think he's a righteous dude"

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    #32 man goes into cage. Cage goes into salsa. Sharks in the salsa. Our shark

  • Todd Gibson Jr

    I remember those lil Alf hand puppets. We had hundreds of those stupid things

  • Craigery

    #26 TRIED to? I never set any fires or anything, but I used to burn dried leaves with one all the time as a kid.

  • skeleducky

    #35 death awaits you all, with nasty big pointy teeth!

  • Penal_Colony

    #26 "Tried"?

  • Litos06

    #13 my favorite movie and # 25 my favorite show next to the simpsons

  • adam

    #27 Oh captain my captain??

  • Shaggy

    best Monty Python skit of them all #35

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #35 The holy hand grenade

  • Kyle429

    Damn this gallery was like almost made for me. I remember most of this stuff. Good times, good times.

  • Bob

    #21…This thing RULED!! Except for when you tried to close it.
    #27…MAL?!?!? Seriously?? Nathan Fillion on rollerblades is ridiculous. If he did this now it would be hilarious, but this actual picture taken at the time, is sad in a way. LOL

  • Tmak17

    Why is there no pics of the goonies on here??

  • mr donuts


    i use to love these things

  • joe

    All this stuff! I remember ALL this stuff!! *cries because he feels old now*

  • Dave

    Al motherf*cking Bundy!

  • justin

    #13 "Now you will see Lonestar…that evil will always triumph, because Good is Dumb."

  • thomas

    #2 really brings me back…

  • Jeff

    #8 #12 and #32 are from the 90's…
    and #16 is from 2000 for god's sake!

  • Kimmy

    "I wave my private's at your auntie"

  • Anonymous

    16 really? That’s quite a stretch.

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