Reminder – Operation: Stock Photo Swap Out (Callout)

We here at theCHIVE firmly believe in pointless shenanigans. The next frontier of which is Operation Stock Photo Swap Out (SPSO). Here’s what you do: take a stock-ish photo of you or your friends (the more random the context the better) and sneak it into a picture frame for sale at your local home decor store. Then snap a photo of the frame for sale on the shelf with the stock photo swapped with yours and send it to Leave the frame and new photo for sale for others to stumble upon. We will post the best-of next Tuesday. Now go get stocky, be tasteful and creative!

Photos submitted to the chive submit will not be counted. Send your photos to

  • Anonymous

    Paula is a dumb Bitch

  • Matt

    Pigger Nussy
    Super Dixie yard saw

  • Vilhem

    If you want to be really naughty, and risk ruining someone’s children, you could swap ’em out with some porn stills.

    • widget

      Yeah, that’s imaginative.

  • yeeNyeee

    i work at a frame store,gonna do this to every frame,i love it!!!

  • stevie

    Another thing to do instead of stock photos, go into shops who sell laptops and tablets, change the background using the built in web cam.

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