A place in the trees I’d like to call my home (24 Photos)

Architecture by Paz Arquitectura

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  • Justin

    So, when the trees continue to grow (you know, like trees do) how much of a monetary pain in the arse is the household maintenance going to be? Seems like the architect merely wanted to make a statement without giving any consideration to the longevity of the house.

    I'm sure they won all kinds of awards for this heap in the process. o.0

  • Calm

    Beautiful house I will admit, however I see a fatal flaw that I hope was addressed. Reason why we clear cut trees in new housing projects, is due to the fact that roots can and will destroy a foundation. In the end, mother nature will always win.

  • Shar11

    baller status for sure!!!

  • Allenavw

    I wouldn't want this because you know what live in trees? Bugs. Now you've got an insane amount of bugs in your house. Also, the trees don't even look nice inside. They've obviously been trimmed and had the leaves removed so it would "fit" in the house that supposedly "fits" around the trees.

  • Manj

    id be terrified to sleep thinking that squirrels would be running into my house

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  • Gilbert

    twilight house?

  • Bumhugs

    #9 I love this place, but I wonder at the long-term viability of this. Trees get thicker, they sway in the wind, they have bugs that live in them, etc. I wonder how many problems this place has solely because of these trees. I'm sure that the people who own it are rich as shit, but still, that would be kind of a pain in the ass.

  • forward thinking

    more haters on this home than I thought there would be. :/

    I would love a home like this.

  • April C.

    I see foundation problems in your future…

  • biggles

    The fireplace is absolutely brilliant. Although, with a wooden floor I would have a spark curtain around it.
    If the flooring was granite or marble, then that design would not be that big of a deal.

    But without the spark curtain, it's just a matter of time, before you get a big burn on the floor.

  • ditchdigger

    Would it have killed them to hit the floors up w/ some wood cleaner…..they look like shit

  • http://www.suffolkcountytreeservice.com Suffolk Tree Removal

    Wow, now that's absolutely incredible. It's like a post modern-naturalistic floating home. Unbelivable.

  • Derpin

    They BETTER be shooting porn in this house.

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