Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Bill


    • Herp

      I waided up all nite and kep refreshin mah page, den scrolled pass all dah pics so i coulds post FIRST! Did i gets it?? is i important now?? Herp a derp derp derrrrp…

    • jer

      good for you now go get a life

    • Underbaker

  • IceColdBuddha


    Can I Haz Boobs?



    • tango

      grow up who the fuck says haz ??? get a fukin degree

    • Enclave

      Boob URL please someone

  • ty g

    First hoe. Go Huskers! Kcco

    • Brass

      go skers kcco!



    • Sanchez

      wow… Nebraska is really that boring huh?

  • Sweetness

    #25 great balance

    • DatNIgga

      ^Dat Nigga Asian

      • GSXR

        So which is it?

    • Jack_LeMac

      Sitting level: acrobat

    • JHL1

      With great nails comes perception of great balance

  • etcrr

    #28 want!

    • Bobert

      It's only cool until you realize you have no way to feed them….

      • Lex

        yeh, cause it's not like the corners are the only part touching that top that you can take off or anything like that….

    • Kool-Aide Oh YEAH!

      Fond memories of looking through a Service Merchandise catalog just for that table

    • Kotlet

      Mine would just end up being full of green goo.

  • mike

    #12 is fuckin sick

  • etcrr

    #30 Ninja cat level 1000

    • jpadawan

      why not 9000?

    • SVle

      I'm all about the lil puss satisfying itself in the back.

      • Pum pum lover

        good one … probably asked the other cat to turn out the lights …

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Da Source

  • fhfgh

    #16 Fus ro dah !

  • GokuRipsCones

    #16 Fuck soccer for this reason

    • Guse

      Basketball is nearly as bad.

    • stumeister

      Fuck bad breath for this reason

    • LucretiusCarus

      You are too correct sir. So many great things about soccer; almost all of them are abrogated by this bullshit.

      • Art

        Thumbs up if you googled the definition of "abrogated"

    • Nope

      I remember that the New York Giants did the same this season

    • bobby

      This is why I don't like european "futbol". It's almost as bad as WWF..or WWE or whatever it's called now.

      • Jandro

        futbol is how the south americans say it (spain too) in europe its football.

        and its a wonderful sport with immense skill in spite of the theatrics – YNWA

        • Red

          It's a puss sport.

          • nonn

            anybody who thinks that soccer is not a contact sport is idiotic. this guy faked it and by the look on the keepers face the ref caught it

    • dkptig

      i looked it up because it didnt seem right.. i am a huge fan of soccer and it didnt seem like soccer. i checked, and i was right, its actually beach soccer. which is like condemning the NFL for what they do in Arena leagues. but continue, more people who passively watch a sport criticizing it for its obvious known flaw.

  • etcrr

    #9 is adorable

    • etcrr 126p

      Makes me horny.

  • Patrick

    #30 Time to teach my cat to do that.

    • iCuRedCAncEr

      do what??? what's doing? curing cancer?!

  • SATexas4life

    #5 What a G.
    #6 Where can I buy one of these?

    • jpadawan

      #5, FUCK THE POLICE!

  • Da Sandman

    #9 #30 i would like to hear your comments, cat haters

    • The_Dood

      Cats suck.

      • JHL1

        True story.
        Although, cats don't suck nearly as much as pictures of cats.

  • chris lee

    #20 – sad but true, thats american swindlin’ at its best

    • sean

      its not "American," its worldwide. idk why you fags always have to say EVERYTHING evil in the world is exclusive to America.

    • MisteurX

      Should have said Carlos Slim. Bill is a poor man (compared to him).

    • junior

      no, it's called fraud, a minimum of due diligence would have uncovered it. Come on lazy asses at least do a google search before closing on a deal.

      The Business of America is Business…

  • Sean

    #5 Pimp Trooper!

  • Gnole

    #14 Ill start the bidding at $100

    • Chr1s

      You could sell it for your virginity. You obviously are still hanging on to that!!

    • http://www.yougottagged.com Dick

      I would buy it for a hundred bucks

    • Plasticwood3

      That's cool and all, but dude, get a girlfriend.

    • Matthew

      Haters gonna hate. I wouldn't sell it for less than $200.

      • hater

        so .. by the comment you made that you had enough free time while 'looking for a job' we can deduce the following. you know how to knit or crochet, enough so that you can make a large blanket. that even if you were at wizard levels of knitting, this would likely take you a couple weeks. without a job, you would need to either be on unemployment or living with your parents (both are terrible and i wouldnt think you would have any 'free time' in those cases). you feel that $100 is a joke of an offer, but $200 is a large sum of money for your 'hard work'. yeah.. go ahead and classify me as a hater then, Matthew.

      • Underbaker

        Take that one and make some with comic/anime charecters and get a table at a local Comic Con, there are Fan boy/girls that would pay out the nose for original stuff. You could try and sell it on e-bay but I think Cons are the best way to go.

        • Fr33kshoW

          Agreed with Underbaker. ^

    • Lexie

      I'll see your 100, and raise you nudes

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001065433998 Luke Bourque

      WOW!!! I'm absolutely sick and tired of the entire Bill Murray thing. The Chive has proven what a bunch of followers most people are. GET A LIFE!!! The Bill Murray thing was played out a LONG time ago.

      • dkptig

        what exactly is a bill murray thing? not only has he been instrumental in some of the greatest comedy movies every made, the 2nd half of his career doing more serious and dry roles has been artful. he was on snl during its most entertaining time. he lives a very desirable life and is viewed to be someone who is very cool in real life. before there ever was a chive, me and all my college buddies would recite bill murray lines over and over. and best of all, the guy is always the epitome of cool and collected in movies despite having every reason not to be. not sure how that can be a 'thing' that is played out unless you never really got it in the first place

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001065433998 Luke Bourque

          Oh, I get it…However, look at how extreme some people take this thing! I LOVE Bill Murray, but it is WEAK to scroll through photos on the Chive and see that any douche bag can have a photo accepted just because he or she makes a Bill Murray reference. GET A LIFE!

          • dkptig

            well that is an entirely different issue. and it is one of my pet peeves too, but more often with the kcco shirts (the fake ones are the worst). side note, i went out for my bday with some friends, and no we didnt submit a photo for the reason you mentioned. however, i was wearing BFM and nearly had to slap the bartender because he thought it was the Dos XX guy.

            • bill

              bill murry loves the chive selling his face on t's and making money!

              • bill

                for an experiment you guys should make a t shirt of john goodman …post pics, explain how cool he is and ''laugh'' all the way to the bank! lol.

                • JHL1

                  the shirts would also sell out because John Goodman IS cool

                • The_Dood


  • Magnus

    #5 LIKE A BOSS!

  • Art

    #1 SOON

  • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

    #23 No Scope Level: Awesome

    • Byron_Black

      Hmmm. Aimbot?

    • Tonio

      The all video with Shenae Grimes is better!

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yeah that about sums up COD

  • ander

    #14 Brilliant! An excellent use of time!

    • Max_Power

      Sell it for the right reason though, not the right price…

      • Dan

        A man's gotta make a buck.

        • Corey

          *insert Fry meme* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

          • bill

            hahahaha where did you think of that comment? ohhh the pic. and your just quoting it. you are clever sir.

    • Stupid_Donkey

      Should've saved time and had a woman do it…

  • cris

    #23 Seems legit

    • RICCO

      Those effects are not very "special".

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        and I'm sure you are working on the Hobbit movie effects right now.

  • cindy b

    hmmm…#8 is from my hometown st. lucia. haven't seen us in the chive before. chive on!!

  • Hmmm

    #5 Boss trooper?

    • https://www.facebook.com/Fr33ksh0w Freek Show

      I knew it……The big boss is a woman… 😀

    • http://www.facebook.com/saltytrey Trey Reeves

      Trooper Pink. From the Empire's version of Resevoir Dogs.

  • bulletstopper

    #29 Caption – The Always Empty Classroom

    • tralfaz

      Mr. Hand's class.

      Kudos to you if you read that in Spicoli's voice.

      • LucretiusCarus

        Why are you continuously late for this class, Mr. Spicoli? Why do you shamelessly waste my time like this?

        Oh man–classic. And I read it in Mr. Hand's voice, not Jeff's; did it with an 'aloha' thrown in.

    • nuccabay

      if they woulda put that sign in my astronomy class noone would ever go to the lab that was at the planet-arium…best class ever!

      • JHL1

        Please don't put a dash in planetarium. It makes the voice in my head pause between planet and arium and to myself I sound as dumb as you.

  • Bra Nisa
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