who put the Vagina on the ceiling

  • pete

    hendrix shirt…'nuff said

  • Anonymous

    Susan Boyle’s gotten fat.

  • Steve

    Good for him, took a lot of guts to get up there and sing. I wish him the best.

  • Amazed

    How many of these singer is Britain hiding?

  • Mojopin9

    you don't really believe the act by the judges do you? Simon is the producer, nobody gets up there when the cameras are rolling at this stage that he isn't aware of. This routine is so fucking contrived. good for the kid getting exposure. But would someone please knock out Cowell's teeth. preferably on camera.

  • WakyWizerdX


  • Chivin' Dutchman

    With a voice like that he might have a chance with her.

  • MariaSky100

    Sometimes I fantasize about bitchslapping that smirk off of Simon's face…

  • Caab

    about 2 minutes in I'm fairly sure there is a giant vagina on the ceiling

    • Will

      Ha, I had to go back and look after I saw this a couple times. That is one giant vag.

  • crash

    I got choked up. Does that make me gay?

    • NotAgain

      Only if it was by a cock in your mouth…..

  • tom

    she should be in FLBP not this.

  • Greg

    One step closer to being outa the friend zone

  • SquishyFlint

    Holy fuck. I knew it was going to be a surprise, but damn. I can't even come up with a sarcastic/witty comment; that kid is bloody incredible.

  • revdannny


  • Anonymous

    Can we see her go up and down the stairs again?

  • Twentysix

    Well done.

  • Joe

    how come American idol or that other stupid American one doesn't have any talent like the brits damn shame

  • BouncinBewbiez

    6:15 – Bounce bounce bounce bounce xD

  • IrishWhitty

    Don’t mind me, just slicing some onions for dinner….

    That kid is incredible.

  • margaret

    brought tears to my eyes and gave me shivers, such an incredible talent thank you for the video mac and the inspiration for the day

  • ScottieD

    The chick was hot. FLBP indeed. The dude was awesome too. I think a gif is in order when she was walking down the steps.

  • chleo

    I think charlottes throwing a BJ after he said that they will stay as a duo…

  • @robnailer

    I smell a sequel to Just Friends…

  • Bryan410

    Keeping that missy better at least buy that kid a BJ

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