• Andrew

    "We've come on here as a duo, and we're going to stay here as a duo."

    Kid just got his first blowjob.

  • Frank Brewzs

    When he's a star and Charlotte is waitressing, I'll take her.

  • Person

    Wow that was amazing. Good job and good luck to them both

  • http://Thechive Brandon

    Mind blown… As was that kid after his comment about the chick

  • Dre

    This guy is the next Pavarotti!!! He sounds great! She wasn’t that great.. But good after all.

  • Bob

    Absolutely amazing. His voice actually made me applaud just sitting here in my room watching it. He is absolutely going places and I'm glad that the judges realized that.

    Mac, I'm very disappointed that you put "Fat kid" in the title. The Chive is better than that and I don't want to see the site stoop to that level

  • DJDavyDave

    I can't believe he was that harsh on the girl! is gave me CHILLS

  • What? Who Me? No...

    Purely Unbelievable! Thats Awesome!

  • Verus87

    is it me or does it seem that Simon is reading from a script or something? or is that just the way he moves when he talks?

  • DJCR

    She is a FLBP candidate!

  • Bryan Robinson


  • AnotherAnon

    Congrats on your singing ability, but singers aren't exciting on this show anymore.

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel and commented:

  • Joel

    I say send him a Chive shirt. He earned it.

  • queenofhearts

    Fat people are shitty. Fat people are fat because they are lazy. Being fat is not NORMAL. It's unhealthy and you are only making life worse for yourself. If you are sad about being fat, get off your fat ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The only people who care about this video having the word "fat" in the title are FAT people.

    boot that bunt.

    • Will

      I bet it made you feel real extra special coming on here and ranting. That kid has more talent in one pound than you do in your entire body. Hey do us all a favor and f*** off!

    • CthulhuYou

      Lazy troll is lazy.

  • chong

    epic face potential meme at 1:26

  • Anonymous

    Your a wizard now Harry

  • gadget

    He is like Mikey from Disney's Recess with long hair

  • Bash Joker

    Jonathan's reaction to the positive feedback was really sweet. i hope they do well together.

  • Anonymous

    Tears!! not from his singing but because he’ll be dead at 30 from a heart attack

  • Anonymous

    Meatloaf’s son?

  • Silky

    Just brilliant. So much courage to get up there and sing. And to have such a wonderful voice.
    A voice that I hope to hear again soon.

  • dollarsandcocktails

    Someone put this guy in Les Mis right now!

  • susan boyle part 2

    […] part 2 what the hell is it with goofy looking people in england and amazing sets of vocals Jonathan Antoine Amazing Voice on Britain's Got Talent (Video) : theCHIVE i dont care if you like opera or not this fucker can sing. […]

  • Anonymous

    Why is it such a phenomenon when someone unattractive proves they can sing? That’s been the case forever. Difference is, there was no reality TV back in the day, so there was no platform. Only the total package made it from obscurity to superstardom. Nowadays, more TV shows, more options and more content means there’s more of a platform.

    Susan Boyle got her fame from TV and then what happened? She put out a cover record that idiots bought, she tanked and had a nervous breakdown, as she’s not cut out for stardom.

    This kid has a great voice and with a makeover (re: a haircut and a tux), how would he look different than any other full-bodied opera star?

    Honestly, everyday folks with tremendous voices is hardly the shock reality TV makes it out to be.

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