• gingergreek

    Chive im so glad you posted this! That kid is amazing and just looking at him you can tell he's put up with a lot of shit!

  • Booya

    Bad ass

  • Dave

    Why are people constantly surprised that there is no correlation between how attractive a person is and their ability to sing?

  • TheDude

    Photoshop @2:52 please.

  • Ty Boy

    man thats just awesome!

  • Tim

    Simon was right. The girl was off key and no good. The kid nailed it.

  • WoWWyley

    He had a great voice, yeah yeah yeah, but did u guys see her walking down the stairs? She belongs in the next FLBP post

  • JF

    We could use some more of her… Right?? MOAR!!!!

  • Kyle

    Good for him

  • Zoltar

    Zoltar approves this message. Well done Chive, and well done to all chivers and chivettes for the supporting comments! cheers!!

  • Mr William

    Is that a vagina on the ceiling? o.O

  • Nick

    Incredible voice that kid's got!

  • gadaffhid

    shes hot who cares

  • Smurf_taint

    People of this world make me want to puke in my mouth. He walks onto the stage and everyone looks on in disgust! How could someone who is unattractive be good at anything they wonder? This isn't a fairy tale story. It is a story of a person who sings well. I could rant about how disgusted I am with this all night. Anyone with this mindset should be sterilized. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • angelcurry1077

    It’s almost disgusting how quickly this boy is dismissed by EVERYONE by how he looks. He shares his beautiful voice and everyone acts like they have just discovered music for the first time. Had he sung as poorly as his partner, those judges would have shot him down without a second thought.

  • Shaquille Parkinson

    Theres nothing we can do now…..he's in the friend zone! 😉

  • noegod

    All those dirty looks caused him to momentarily doubt himself in the beginning, as though he wasn’t nervous enough already! This kids voice and courage brought a year to my eye! She was a bit off key a few times though and if this prodigy wants to keep her around, they have to work on their tune matching!

  • Anonymous

    Sooo this girl is only 16

  • flibble

    The lovely hippy side of me thinks "omg there's something in my eye, oh so beautiful wow amazing voice…" the cynic in me thinks "Simon Cowell has found his new SuBo…PLANT."

  • RCAF Member

    Good for them.

  • murray

    Cowell proves himself to be an a**hole once again.

  • LT

    Another entry in the "holy crap ugly people can be talented too, I guess" series.

  • Jala Meladuro

    He deserves to be singing along side the greatest.. Pavarotti, Domingo and Bocelli..and such. He will go far. Chick is aight.

  • JDB85

    haha, Awesome kid.

  • mike

    panty dropper!!!

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