• Jeremy

    Damn. Amazing.

  • CaptainStag

    Why should anybody ever be surprised that attractiveness and musical talent don't necessarily correlate? If you are then you're a moron who's spent too much time buying into manufactured rubbish.

  • cga

    6:14 things that bounce on the right, huh……

  • 123

    charlotte has got some flbp

  • paper_doll

    holly crap i didn't really know what to think, but i did NOT expect that!

  • Dan

    ALL i did was reply 6:15 but great vid

  • C.44

    And that's the time when every other person on the show knows they might as well just go home already.

  • nathan

    She's pissed

  • jacynthe fraser


  • Blah


  • karen

    the two of them were wonderful, but did you have to say fat kid, wtf hes human just like every one else , beautiful voices, hope they win

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