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It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

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  • Bubba

    #2 Nice Hitchhikers Guide reference!

  • Biggus Diccus

    Looks like a baby aye-aye (kind of lemur)

  • misschris

    #25 The look on the baby's face made me laugh out loud. Well played, friend.

  • Raliegh

    #9 learn to spell

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      Learn to punctuation and capitalize.

      • Tim

        Punctuate, is the word you were looking for smart guy.

      • Seriously?

        “Learn to punctuation” ? Nice, dude. Here’s one for you: Learn to English.

  • Go Home

    #8 "Now this is Rocky and he ain't no puppy"

  • Swamp1983

    #20 "Hold my beer and watch this" moment

    • Master_Rahl


  • etcrr 126p

    My balls look like this too.

  • Maynard B.

    #23- That girl on the right, love the expression on her face!

  • Baker


    That one on the right isn't a man, but a man-child that no one paid enough attention to growing up. There's no comparison.

  • Master_Rahl

    #11 MUST go to Singapore and pick fresh Gingers.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Not the one in the picture, though. She's not ready.

  • Big C

    Was the red circle really necessary?


    You have to spit on it first.


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  • ping pong pooper

    #17 Is The Black Metal Band Immortal. Their videos are priceless.

  • melindu

    #21… I may never sleep again! 😦

  • jdgadsden

    #7 grrr NERDRAGE!!!

  • skinger

    #1 "Soaking"… you're doing it wrong.

  • LoyalHoustonChiver

    Wtf is #21? I’ll be checking under my bed every night before going to sleep now. Thank you very much Chive

  • jer

    #7 NO, some ment just want to be burned by the world

  • Stick

    Jesus Christ, you're retarded. Didn't you ever replay a PS1 game, pre analog-sticks, on the PS2? You need to be able to turn that shit off.

  • Sam


    Kinda makes me want to become a director…find out what Uwe Boll wannabe liked as a kid and shat all over it.

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  • SadeShadz

    #3 xD Ahahahaa!!

  • Travis

    #21…just a creature from the Labrinth..

    <img src="; />


    #2 I love that movie…

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