There are no losers behind the scenes of the Miss Russia pageant (23 Photos)

  • ros


    • ros

      "Elizabeth Golovanova from Smolensk was crowned with a one-million-dollar tiara for winning in the Miss Russia 2012 pageant. The girl also received a check for $100,000 and a grant so she can study at any university in the world. The event took place in Barvikha Luxury Village in the Moscow Region."

      Can you friggin' believe that?! ANY university in the WORLD!!!


      • Underbaker

        So even though I feel like a winner for viewing the gallery, technically they are all losers except for Elizabeth Golovanova.

      • dkptig

        would she not need to be accepted to that university though?

        • ros

          No, I'm sure she could just walk up to the gates of Harvard and announce "I am styudyent here!" And Harvard would say, "Wha..? Excuse me?" And she could say "I am Elizabeta Andreyevna Golovanova! From Smolensk! I am Miss Russia 2012! Мисс Россия 2012!! I am now styudyent here!! Thank you."

          Yes, I'm sure that's all it would take.


    • Barack

      they will have more flexibility after the election …

  • @valorikx221

    #22 "Must be this big to ride

    • ClarktheShark

      10/10. hilarious my friend.

    • Mike

      "too booku! too booku!"

  • Anjin-San


    now kiss…

    • Ruck_Over

      Not just kiss…. MAKE OUT…

  • The Bandit

    #1 or #10 (on the right) win for me! Beautiful and still natural without tons of make up! (That might change at the actual pageant though…)

  • Manj

    i thought russia was only full of commies and old rusted cars

    • Lev

      Is also full many stick figure voman.

    • Mr C

      and bears riding unicycles

    • MeIrakly

      then you are uneducated douche

    • matt

      No, that's Cuba.

  • nnn

    in Russia, models want you?????

    • 0331

      I wish

    • GR8 Scott

      Two words…mail order. That is all.

  • bagofrocks

    Future Russian Mail Order Brides or FRMOB

  • @budman43224

    #4 please, and MOAR!

    • sadman

      I see Russia has cloned Kristen Stewart, but with a genetically modified smile.

    • R-Dub

      She looks a bit like an attractive Kristen Stewart. (Because Kristen Stewart is not attractive)

    • @randyhab71

      I agree!!!

    • eclipze

      May we have more, good sir..

  • flight_crash

    I would take all those girls out for ice cream. All of them. At the same time.

    • Martin_McFly

      I think, with them being Russian, you would probably be in over your head… and how awesome would that be!

    • f1junkie

      they all need some ice cream. so scrawny

    • Waveguy

      I say mustache rides!

  • Oli

    #22 #23 Just do that and stand behind you, you say? Ok..

  • Royce

    They all win.

  • Benjamin

    " Did I turn the iron off?……yes…"

  • whyme1973

    #17 Loving the braids. All of them could stand to eat a few sammiches, though.

    • webster

      Leave the beautiful women alone and simply enjoy! If you want fatties, go pick up chicks at McDonald's

  • cpat

    in russia the Pageant wins YOU

  • GuinnesStout

    #21 This is what heaven looks like…

    • Underbaker

      I pictured it a lot less purple.

    • eddy

      Is that the 70 virgins?

      • Idiot Trolls

        72 virgins, not 70 get it right or the isl@mists will hunt you down

  • Chiver
  • Pikesville

    Russian girls are cutthroat. As in these bitches will cut your throat!


  • JustCellis

    Runner up's automatically qualify for the mail order bride pageant!!

  • gentman for beauty

    beautiful girl wins the world…

  • The Truth

    #17 Is pig-tails a new judging category? Fantastic!!

  • justaguy

    #3 WOW! I'm in love…and hard

    • sdawson22

      she looks 12… if you are under 16ish, fine, but if older…. well… wrong…

      • justaguy

        Nope, I am well over 16ish but still hard. Maybe she is 12, maybe she is 30, either way, she is hot and I would bang her over and over!

    • Gallus

      Isn't 18 the minimum age for this pageant?

  • Shant1k

    #21 Om nom nom nom

  • Dave

    #21 yes please!

  • sdawson22

    And what issue of Mail Order Brides can I order them from? Is this the spring collection?

  • FORD
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