There are no losers behind the scenes of the Miss Russia pageant (23 Photos)

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    • Damn you autocorrect

      He was right to use it as singular if he had excludded a you would be right

  • Tony

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks these girls all look like high school teenagers? They are all beautifully made up, but none of them really looks like a woman I'd want to date.

  • Sea

    They’re all apparently expecting a light flood of sorts

  • perfectedpixel

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  • ctpantyhose

    #10 #7 love the pantyhose!!

  • Occupy The Gap

    Red Rover, Red Rover…
    Cum ALL OVER!

  • Anonymous

    Need more cushion for the pushin… All too skinny

  • defiantDOOKIE

    Not one decent ass in the bunch.

  • widget

    given the nature of the majority of visitors to this site and our appreciation and affection towards hot chicks this borders on pedophilia.

  • Wolfvale

    Now I get it! The whole cold war was about russian women.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    I can see them all wearing powder blue dresses with matching hats, swishing through Hogwarts to the sound of sighs…

  • fajita123

    #9 that's a lot of vodka!

  • troy

    All are winners hot hot hot hot ouch that was hot!

  • Trav

    #4 chick on the far right is seriously smokin’!

  • Ali Ba Ba

    These chicks almost get the Pedo bear stamp of approval. Fail for anyone over 21!

  • jim

    This is why i love white chicks…

  • Brice

    #20 i love u!!!

  • Kyle

    #10 Add to Cart. Both of them.

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  • noegod

    The Russian Preteen pageant looks hectic this year. What’s that? …. No?! Seriously?!

  • Swarley

    #4 #12

  • Anonymous

    Putins wives adhere to a strict dress code…

  • StupidFresh84


  • Krusty

    I really like the one in the purple shirt!

  • xyz

    All are skinny/anorexic. Let the desperate retards have them.

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