A little inspiration goes a long way (25 Photos)

  • Woodrowrules

    #6 Awsome

  • Idiot trolls

    #11 is for the trolls

  • Gallus

    #9 – Oh, yeah?! We live in a time when multi-tasking is worshipped and glorified. Attention spans are zapped and focus and concentration are diffused. Therefore, the other nine elements are negated as well.

  • Anonymous

    #11 is from the bible not Abraham lincoln

  • Mr. T

    #5 Not sure if I want to be alone at the top with Margaret Thatcher…

  • petrovitch

    Its difficult to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys.

  • Ender

    Shits not added bro that's the correct quote

  • minervamink0903

    #6 – I really really really really like! That is a beautiful quote.
    #21 – Burst out giggling at my desk…I really thought I was going to shit for a split second…Thanks for making me laugh for the first time today!!!

    A Loyal Chivette

  • Damian

    #17 Unless you live 4.6 billion years from now, and the sun is about to collapse. Then you're fucked.

  • gyr0tron

    You had me at Meat Tornado.

    • ChelseaRules

      I read this to my cousin and she replied (and I quote), "I've tried fishing like four times and it's hecka hard. Those fish know what's going on."
      I laughed.

  • Brian


    I used to think this as well…then I saw the Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer.

  • Taylor

    #8 I like to think that Stewie said that.

  • Dolphonkey

    #8 Also, Stewie Griffin. Am I the only one who read that in his voice?

  • Jezdezpez

    #6 and #16 are my two favorites, so very true!

  • Fools^

    Third! You talentless chimps.

    • minervamink0903

      you are an idiot.

  • bmw11585

    Truth… #2 #6

  • M.O.T.

    This says it was posted by John but I swear it was posted by an annoying girl on my Facebook…

  • oldmanbingle

    #6 Awesome. How to we get back to that?

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

  • philosp

    Thank you Chive! Really great quotes today. I´m feeling inspired!

  • crippledmary

    #1 "Best Week Ever" is still on?

  • Anonymous

    #10 – It should be a 16mm projector.

    #20 – Fuck keith olber-fucking-cocksucker-liberal-piece-of-shit!

  • thedude325

    …except AIDS

  • Jastogie

    Eagles may soar, but turkeys don’t get sucked into jet engines.

  • Tom

    #14 made me happy.

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