• LuvsHorror

    Ha ha, goose dinner.

    • Logicyup

      Them things are made out of the very essence of evil. If you wrung out Satan (or whatever your evil of choice may be) like a wet towel, the liquid that drips down is the base of their existence.

  • Andi

    "You shall not pass"

  • misschris

    I love that the goose came after him again at the end! I could just hear him thinkin "I'm gonna git ya!" LOL

    • attnwhr

      oh really…. is that what it was thinking attnwhr???

  • wat

    Round 2….FIGHT!

  • Lisa

    My guess is they are protecting a nest. They will fight to the death if they have to. It's going to be a long few weeks until the eggs hatch.

    • Da Sandman

      no shit, einstein

    • Biggus Diccus

      Yup, makes sense as to why this person is filming people walking in the area.

    • reaperMEDIC

      Or a short 2 hours before the goose is "Relocated"

    • Derek

      Not necessarily. I recall reading about a goose in some city park that straight up would just attack for no reason. They even put up warning signs not to go into the pond. Although the nest hypothesis is more likely.

      • Maytrix

        It's a nest – just look at the other goose off to the left. Sitting and not moving, protecting her nest.

        People just need to learn to understand that MOST animals do things for a reason (unlike many people) and he was just protecting his nest. Move on as quick as you can and problem solved..

        • Duck Duck Goose.

          I have seen them do it in parking lots, far away from where they nest.

        • Frank

          Grab goose by neck, spin like windmill. Problem solved.

      • LuvsHorror

        I walked into my yard once without knowing there was a baby blue jay on the ground. It's parent slammed me four times on the top of my head, and that hurt.

      • Trey Reeves

        Geese are just assholes.

    • kilikinachappell

      Yeh you can see the nest in the video… I don't know why there's all this confusion about it here. Geese are really protective of each other, as mates. Poor guys.

  • KEV

    1:02 CRACKS ME UP

  • GSL

    Silly Goose is Silly

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'd strangle that goose and eat it. With some braised red cabbage.

  • Paul

    "Throws down"

    …I see what you did there…

  • Yessirr

    I love the dude's kick at 1:04. Breaking out the ole KA-RA-TAY on that ass.

  • Alan

    Ya, you better walk on

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    Duck Duck Goose is becoming a dangerous business.

  • reaperMEDIC


  • ThatGuy

    The guy seems pretty aggressive. When dealing with a goose like that its better to cover sensitive areas and boulder through than to stand there and whack at it.

    • tit mouse

      Sounds like you're into Goose Fighting…got any pamphlets or literature to read up on?

    • WG27

      I'm no expert but I'd say the goose was probably being the aggressive one…

  • lovebeingachivette

    a goose did that to me once. scared the hell out of me, and it just. would. not. stop.

  • nerfherder

    Liars…..I didn't see that goose throw any down at that guy……

  • etc4779

    Yeah, I had one come at me right as I walked out of a convienient store….he was hissing with his wings spread out…..I had to kick him in his head…he backed off just enough for me to get to my car…the look on the two indians in the store was priceless..

  • Brian

    I am D'Artagnan, do not impede my way or taste my steal….or, um, actually, this rolled up newspaper thing.

    • ALearnedScholar

      I thought this was a funny allusion to the 3 musketeers but guarantee 95% of these readers had NO idea who you're talking about without ‘Googling’ it.
      They are Philistines all, and shall just mock you ad Ad nauseam!

  • jonboy

    The girl with the boots.

    Find her.

  • HamSamich

    the sparta kick at the end cracked me up

  • Rob

    Guy is a hero, he got that woman's bag for her after she was attacked and dropped it

  • McRaePhoto

    After an "I hate my Job" Tuesday (Company I work for going into receivership tomorrow) I nearly pissed laughing. Thanks Chive!

  • B

    WARNING : do not watch while sitting on the john in a public restroom! Can only imagine the reaction people had while I was laughing that hard.

  • Brian

    This is why Canadians are always apologizing, we have to make up for our psychotic geese.

    • Ross

      haha ya so true the geese rub off on a few though.


    Freaking hilarious.

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