Ashley Barney is using the Twitter Machine properly (25 Photos)

Ashley Barney was actually one of our very first Chivettes of the Week. But recently she's blowing up and I've received a lot of requests from our Chivers for an update on the Canadian stunner.

Here's the update: Ashley's still really, really hot.

She's also about as sweet as they come. Say hello to Ashley on her Twitter Page.

Ashley Barney’s Twitter Page.

  • The guy

    Loved every picture so amazing

  • @georgie_boy_24

    #16 nice vagina lips. no over lapage

    • dude245

      Totally agreed!

  • smiley

    #21 best pic out of the bunch, beautiful!

  • Rmrider

    #11is awesome, would love to spend a couple minutes with those

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  • 6KJR



  • Jake

    # 7 Gotta catch 'em all and #10 just because

    • Jake


  • achemist44

    #25 it doesn’t get much better then that..that’s a view you want to wake up to daily!

  • http://Thechivewebsite T -High

    25 got it

  • Spaceman

    Ok #9 I mean wtf, really?

  • noegod

    Too skinny! I likes meat on the bone! Not just bones.

  • Falthor

    #3 Phenomenally gorgeous and hot while still a very artsy/classy picture… my hats off to you. thanks for the pics, and reminding all the Americans that Canadian chicks are hotter. 🙂

  • Shat_Thrice

    #10 #13 #23

    May I ask, please, what size is your ring finger? I'd like to diamond it.

  • Ash

    Unbelievably whatever.

  • Owen

    Wasn't that impressed until #21

  • ted

    i had movement

  • Me1

    #16 I'm at a loss for words. God made this one perfect

  • bbb

    Sexy as Fuck

  • rooster

    #16 #18 #25 woah woah woah

  • Reaver

    Gorgeous eyes and better with darker hair the blonde sort of washes her out…with that said… #16 is one beautiful looking pink taco!

  • am515


    Jeez…clean that goddamn room

  • am515


    BEAUTIFUL face!

  • Always Last


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