Gross, dude (33 photos)

  • cindy b

    #26 I would actually like to try one of those for some reason. Doesnt seem that gross to me

  • EarlGrey

    "I've been to the land down under!" #14

  • Danielle

    Funny.. I remember when #24 was in a gallery with actual hot girls… and people loved her…

  • ChiveAtWork

    #20 was my reaction to #12

  • kevin d

    #29 jodie you are ready for a sex change……..wouldnt say that to you face though.

  • Andrew

    #14 = SHOPPED

  • May

    #21 I can do that. I think it’s pretty cool..not gross.

    • Gogo

      me too

  • Arbitrary Name

    Is #24 in the wrong post? What am I missing?

  • shnugs

    I love pet rats #32 but WTF? Hairless? Wow. I bet the owner gets a real kick out of freaking out people with it.

  • DWSmith

    Arbitrary Name, she’s rotten! The Chive is a place where real beauty is appreciated, not a human Barbie doll. She’s fucking creepy!

  • Anonymous

    I see nothing gross about 24

  • hmcby

    #29 I'd hit that, still would

  • Always Last


  • Falthor

    #9 Mr Belding FTW…

  • avgejoe

    Id still hit 28 & 29…..straight up ha

  • nathan

    #24… just about perfect in every way

  • trento

    I would

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