I miss college: Spring break edition — Part 2 (45 Photos)

  • TheHypnotizer

    #37 If that's your sex face, please turn around and wait for penetration. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

  • Justin

    Hometown Hotties!

  • Zac

    #44 & #45 Sandpiper Beacon Tiki Bar, Legit, Nice Gap

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #1 Now kiss
    #7 Now kiss
    #25 Now ki…oh…well played!

  • Anonymous

    #35 Chirp Chirp!
    #36 SHAZAAM

  • Kyle429

    Holy crap. I shit you not, the girl on the right in #19 looks almost exactly like a girl I went to high school with. She didn't go to Louisville for college, though.

    Also, dat ass! #36

  • Wayne

    #4. Blue dress …… FIND HER! #12 redhead with the massive milk silos…. FLBP!

  • BIRD


  • bbartlett

    #29 i ride up in tughill hell yea! Braaaap chive on!

  • Dane

    #18 Why you no wear Chive shirts on campus?!

    Fellow ASU Chiver.

    • Erin

      I wore mine on campus right when I got it!
      I'll be sure to wear it sometime this week though!(;

      • Dane

        Thats what I like to hear!

  • http://twitter.com/Computalotapus @Computalotapus

    #44 stunning that is all

  • http://howtobeagenius.ca Nick

    #32 lame

  • pinattar


    • http://twitter.com/IceLegatus @IceLegatus

      I'll second that

  • Shnooda

    #45 kid on right is flexing

    • justin

      yeah what a fag haha its pretty obvious

  • Skedaddle

    Chive find the girl on the right #10
    #16 lose the duckface and share more FLBP!

  • JdNalley

    #19 Yes, yes they are.

  • Anonymous

    #13 thats cuz thats his butt!

  • Thomas

    #19 #26

    I would like to formally request a Final Four Chivettes post. Please and thank you.

  • Shinanigins

    #12 and #37
    MOAR of the REDHEADS!

  • Gallus

    #1 – I like your interpretation of Spring Break. I think you're all friggin' nuts, but I like that interpretation. When I see bikinis mixed with snow, I want to shout, "Nipple check!"

    #7 – Can we call that dance the "bewb bump" and make it a spring break tradition?

    #29 – It's okay, guy. That is spring break, too. If you like snow, you should get together with the gals in the first pic.

    #44, this thread is filled with lovely girls, but you are my win!!! I'd spend time with you any time, anywhere, not just spring break. Will you submit some more, please?

  • Eric

    #41 just proves that everything positive has a negative.

  • Yak Surfer

    #44 For the love of all that is Holy….please find her!!!

    • Alek

      thats my girlfriend…jealous?

  • naa

    #24 that thing is awesome!

    • Mike "Wee"

      Colorado State Special!

  • Joe

    #18 I was in Pacific Beach for St.Pattys Day at Longboards and it was raining sideways for most of the weekend I was there. Looked for Chivers, couldnt find any!!

  • Anonymous

    #20 that bra is huge!!!!

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