Operation Stock Photo Swap was a success (38 Photos)

Last week we did a callout for Operation: Stock Photo Swap (OSPS) and were completely unsure of how it would result. The idea was for the Chivers to go to a home decor store, take a random shot of themselves and sneak it into a picture frame for sale. A few hundred submissions later, here are some of the best.

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  • Elle

    #5 was fantastic. probably would have peed from laughing if i wasn't expecting that!

  • rlogan75

    I cant stop laughing at #27!!!! The looks on their faces in BOTH pics are hilarious!!!!

  • Fred

    Did anyone do this anywhere besides Wal Mart?

  • twoedges

    That's a pure win, Chive. Can't wait for round 2.

  • Epic Fail

    great idea, who comes up with this $hit

  • Gang member

    27 is ugliest 2 people I ever saw

  • amanda

    Now to see the submissions from the people who bought these frames and actually keep the picture in it hanging on their walls. Lmao!

  • http://twitter.com/ChzStandsAlone @ChzStandsAlone

    I think I just found my new hobby

  • Patches

    This website probably has millions of visitors and there were only 38 photos? I don't think I would call that a success…

    I think I would have called this post "Holy shit 38 people out of millions were actually immature enough to do this"

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001684324534 Kody Fossett

      how about you read for a second. it says they had hundreds of submissions and these are the best of the lot.

      • Patches

        And out of these "hundred of submissions" they could only find 38 worth posting? How incredibly… underwhelming.

  • CanChive4life

    Meh, these are ok, however inferior to the photos that my buddies and I submitted, CHIVE WHY YOU NO POST MY PICS!!!!! THE ONES WITH THE CHRISTMAS HATS!!! So sad am I, cant buy a KCCO shirt to save my life and now this 😦

    • Dr. Lin Zhu

      Cause, you little bitch!

  • IM_ON_A_B0AT

    #38 ….. well done.

  • Tony

    Mein Gott! This has to be a recurring post. Its the funniest shit I've seen in a while! Good job, Chive.

  • Dr. Lin Zhu

    I would participate in this, however, all my pictures consist of me doing blow of fat Asian hookers.

    Dr. Lin Zhu

  • Bryce

    Anyone else realize theChive is one Edward Norton away from starting its own fight club? This is just the beginning!

    • noegod

      I am Jack’s approval of your damn good idea! I AM TYLER DURTIN!!!

  • Weekender

    #5 kills it.

  • Douche

    I need to find one of these frames. My photo is not needed. Put it up as is.

  • chadmt

    34 win

  • PBJ

    #9 I would like to state for the record, as being the person whose photo was taken, that I had no idea they did it until they showed me they put it in Wal-Mart. I had no idea they had even taken the picture.
    Also, this was done 3+ years ago.


    • Jack o' lantern

      Cool story, bro!

    • Jeff McCann


  • Pizzaman212

    Wow. Simply awesome. I was shopping for frames with my wife and I was praying to find one!

  • 'sota

    Yes chive! This should be a regular as well, kudos! Brilliant idea

  • Jack o' lantern

    Lame until I got to #25. Spacebat makes all you other guys look like the douchebags you are.

  • Cr0daddy

    #33 is my favorite haha

  • shakeandbake

    Walmart got absolutely raped. Good stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottbartlett Scøtt Bartlett

    Pretty much the best thing ever .. Well done

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