Scream your way down on the world’s tallest swing (Video)

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The Moses Mabhida World Cup Stadium in Durban, South Africa is huge. So of course they put a bungee swing on the top of it.

  • Eunit


  • noegod

    FUCK THAT!!! ……….. Ok, why not?!

  • ugh

    Why people don't just grabs these things' necks and sharply pull is beyond me. They are a scourge in Canada. I hate them. "They're actually quite dangerous and mean, you know!". Nope. You have 150lb weight advantage. Don't be a pussy.

  • Der_Joe

    i have to try this
    even if I going to shit my pants

  • John

    Did this in the Cape this winter, it was absolutely terrifying

    • another John

      where in the cape???

  • ThePad

    I would do the shit out of that

  • Ryan

    Haha. Thanks for featuring my video guys!

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