• Parker

    this looks amazing!

  • Kayci

    Ok, I have to say, I was raised in Spanish Fork, Utah. I moved out-of-state in 2006 and never did hear about this until just a couple of years ago. I don't know when it originated but I would LOVE to one day, be a part of this in my own home town!!!!! Sadly, I didn't see any people I know that did attend this year in the video but I will watch it again. Thanks for the post!!!!

  • Lisa

    50 Hindus, 1000 Mormons. No joke!

  • Mad man

    American Mormons in Utah!!!!!! I thought these were a bunch of hippy, gap year, "funemployed" kids in Goa.

  • SavoyStud

    Do these happen in florida? it looks like fun!

  • neil

    this is awesome

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