User submit: final patrol of USCGC Dallas (22 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    Thank you Dallas and crew for your service over the years it is appreciated

    • Dave Fernandes

      Sad to here the 716 leaving us. It looks like you been taking good care of her. Served two years as a decky in the early 70's.

      Not much armament back then. 6-50 cal, torpedoes and mortars. Later on we got the 20 mm's. So sad to see you g0.
      D.m. Fernandes . Ym3rd.

  • Guest

    #11 and #20 Find them….all of them.

  • whyme1973

    #20 Nice batch of hotties.

  • Uscggal

    I’m part of the #20 pic group. Thanks!

    • nightshift29

      no way! which one? yall need to lateral over and come to the aviation 60 side lol. or atleast two of you do

      • ...

        Which 2 girls?

        • nightshift29

          far left and the second from the right. possibly the second from the left too. dirty tatted up girls do it for me what can i say? haha

  • No-name

    WAIT wait wait… A ship this storied and honored is just being sold off like this? Is anybody else more than a little peeved at the thought?

    • Annie Waller

      Negative. We're coming out with bigger and better ships, that's just the way it goes. I'm in the current crew on the Dallas and I know for a fact that her name will always live on.

      • etcrr

        Thank you for your service Annie

    • GuitarSkater

      look up the new National Security Cutters that are taking its place, far more advanced than the 378's
      ive got several shipmates on the Dallas, its a sad day to see it go but we are on to bigger and better things

      • etcrr

        Thank you for your service GS

  • Megan carter

    Of course #20 is where it’s at. We rock that shit.

    • Annie Waller

      You alreaddddy know boo 🙂

  • Ashley gore

    Yes ma'am we do! Were the faces of the Dallas 🙂

    • etcrr

      Thank you Ashley for your service

  • GuitarSkater

    #20 my beautiful coasties…. =)

  • Bruce


    Very hot, ladies, very hot! Keep up the good work!

  • ljrmisty

    I went to boot camp 42 years ago on CG Island in the Bay area. Served on the CG Cutter Northwind. My Commanding Officer wept when he disclosed to all crew that she was to be decommissioned and scrapped. The mighty Northwind got a reprieve, and served a number of "extra" years on the Great Lakes. But scrap, she became.
    The 378's are magnificent Lady's. To hear they are being sold for continuing duty else where is so much better than the scrap yard.
    I sailed by CG Island the other day, BTW. Resident there are 3 of the newest, fastest and most awesome ships to fly a CG Ensign and the American Flag, ever engineered.
    Semper Paratus. (Always Ready). Always..

    • Mel

      Hi there to all. i came to this site from a local military forum here (the Philippines). I know it sucks to know a ship (especially one you have served on) just being sold or given away after decades of dedicated service but for all its worth, know that she will be well taken cared of. I am just an armchair military enthusiast but our navy is quite renowned for having almost fully functioning naval assets dating back to WW2 (yup you read that right). So rest assured that your Dallas will be in good hands.

  • no name

    Yes the ladies in #20 are very attractive but the one in #9 is extremely gorgeous! May not seem like it in the picture but drfinitely in person…she's a beautiful woman 😉

  • Citizen Cain

    Reality check: A friend of mine assingned to this boat put me on to this website to show what he does. It's actually a pretty cool website and I now have a new found respect for the US Coast Guard and the rest of our US millitary. Keep up the good work sailors.

  • Citizen Cain

    But in all honesty why does the USCGC Dallas need a face, you're sailors and service people isn't that enough? In referrence to picture #20, I'm from LA and by our standards you are all solid 2's. Four 2's makes an 8 and you're still 2 shy of a real woman. It must feel good being big fish in a small pond, you should try swimming in the ocean some time. Arrogance is a terrible quality in any individual, remember you are service people and are held to higher standard, grow into your uniform and don't be so narcissistic and puerile.

    • nightshift29

      you sir, are a real douche nozzle. quite literally minutes after posting a nice pleasant comment above "thanking" the coast guard and tellin them "good work" and then turn right around and start bad mouthing them for not being as good looking as "real women" in LA? haha
      i do not feel the least bit of hesitation when i say "FUCK YOU"

  • Citizen Cain

    And you, the girl in picutre #11 I believe, wearing the zebra printed sound dampening device appear to be wearing quite a bit of make-up and sweating profusely. That's alot of cake on your face to be sweating like that. Very counter productive, must have been a hard day at work huh? Another exercise in futility. Much respect to all you sailors, and I do understand that you are away at sea for extended periods of time, but boys, stop being so thirsty. I know you can at least land 6's on sheer uniform alone, stop chasing these 2's around, and don't be guilty by association. Step your game up, there's a whole world out there beyond the poop deck. GOOOOOO DALLAS!

    • Annie Waller

      "Citizen Caine" this was a positive post referring to the Decommissioning of a historical ship in the Coast Guard. Myself along with the rest of the women in these pictures were joking around when we posted things like "faces of the CG" comments. If you really think we're THAT vain, YOU need a reality check. Lighten up a little, take a joke. It's sad that you waste so much time bashing a bunch of women you don't know a thing about….on a post regaurding an honored service at that. If you don't have anything positive to say stay of the post.

      Very sincerely,
      #11 🙂

      • GuitarSkater

        You tell him shipmate…. besides he obviously doesn't know what its like to do U/W Engine room Rounds in a 130degree room

        Your Friend from USCGC Heron 😉

      • nightshift29

        ya man. its just a joke. not a dick. dont take it so hard

  • GuitarSkater

    #11 i see a similar picture made it to the Coast Guard Magazine this month =P

  • TheNorthlandSux

    Didn't the Dallas run over another boat after it got sold or was that the Hamilton?

  • Caronel

    i see a similar picture made it to the Coast Guard Magazine this month =P

  • HitronTweet

    I'm proud to have led Dallas's last AVDET. I will never forget the big D and all the cool Chivers I met there. Fair winds and following seas to my shipmates and the distinguished USCGC Dallas.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to make a comment in the introduction. In this phrase “it will be decommissioned and sold the Pilipino Navy” I would like to correct the word Pilipino Navy into the correct term. the branch of service is called the Philippine Navy, not Pilipino navy nor Filipino Navy. Thank you.

  • Doug Van Ord

    I was on the Dallas 1974-1976. What a great experience. I was at the decommissioning in March and didn't get many pictures. Does anyone know of any pictures of the decommissioning on the web. Please email me at Thanks and my respects to all who served.


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