• Derek weaver

    snorkel power.

  • jim

    i've done that in a suby with a vacuum cleaner hose and a floater.

  • Anonymous

    Like a boss.

  • the_mike

    I'd like to see the carfax.

  • Matt

    This is why I’m the proud owner of a bj74 landcruiser. Toyota ftw!

  • jenner1185

    That is impressive! I was nervous when he started veering to the left, but he pulled it off nicely!

  • D4M4G3 Inc.

    The bat mobile got nothing on you!!!

  • Gash Hound

    Your Move Land Rover

  • Master_Rahl

    Wonder what the level of concern was inside the truck as the water is coming in. You can see the doors open to let it all out once they make it across. I'd probably be adding to the fluid levels, sweating bullets over whether I'm about to drown or not. That takes some balls.

  • Cruiser

    A trailer hitch propeller mod would have come in handy there

  • jcage05

    Ah, Australians… with your salad and sport.

    • theprocrastinator


      • Rob

        ….I dont think americans know what salad is

  • .Krookz

    And people question the snorkel on my truck B)

  • Wuyeepuyoq

    See if he had a jesus fish on the back he would have just ridden on top the water

  • http://NewYorkRangers.com NYR144

    Like a boss

  • josh

    THis is papua New Guinea .. and hell yes i have driven one of these. Made for this shit.

    • ahheadlock

      How do you know it's PNG? NSW plates on the land cruiser. just sayin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sigma1134 Chris Moyer

    That right leg just ain't cuttin it.

  • Tom

    Shitty add = no watch.

  • NowWereTalking

    Enough with the advertising on videos! Get rid of them!

  • Parallendicular

    Why is this worth seeing? Engine snorkels have been around since the 50s.

  • xannick

    thus proving the all-mighty power of the landcruiser… gotta love japanese cars.

  • Roger

    Not a question of making it, if it were a jeep with a snorkel.

  • Sal

    Must be made of tiny Nokia phones

  • etcrr

    Darwin award goes to …

  • austin

    @ 0:25 "oh shit back pedal back pedal!!!"

  • Jimmy

    what does "fook" mean?

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