Hump Day makes the pain go away (60 photos)

  • Mike


    • Mike

      Taking this spot away from all the fucking idiots who comment “first” just made my week.

      • Clearly...

        …you're not setting your goals high enough.

      • Truth

        Mike needs a life

    • Heres_Johnny30

      I agree! Happy Birthday to ME!

    • Fun_with_Numbrs


    • Dirty_Dingus

      Are those implants? Holly hell that's a nice round mound (or two).

    • stonewall_79

      Thank you for not say FIRST!!!

  • mortalcombatxxx

    WoW #1 latex

    • ChaosThirteen

      I for one, keep finding myself returning to this picture. WoW indeed my friend. Wow indeed.

    • JBB


    • Thereal N

      April Summers! 🙂

    • techno_viking

      What I would give to motorboat those cheeks…

    • T_Bag

      Yup, I never get tired of that one!

    • halomin

      Link to April Summers Latex Gallery (not the same black outfit, but good enough)

    • db83

      I don't even think she could fart in those if she tried.

      • booya

        she is dating the King of the North Lord Stark in real life

        • 03_SE_XTERRA

          *Warden of the North…damn my game of thrones knowledge

          • swist

            King-in-the-North. Lace em up and take laps

      • 579

        if she could i would wear it as a cologne

    • Cpt. O


      • 123

        You're shopped

    • Ron Paul 2012

      Where can I get that outfit for the wife?

    • @RickvdS

      Seeing it so many time you should notice the fact that her ass is shopped 😉

    • sam942

      sexy as i think ime in love

    • DickFister

      My IQ dropped 20 points just looking at that. Stupid hot.

    • HardenLong


      • SquirePete

        Love the name!!

    • cannonball967

      Those of you claiming the pic is shopped, what am I missing? Outlet looks weird. Seems like too obvious a mistake to make. Yeah, the ass cheeks are far apart. I'm a frequent player in the "fetish scene." I assure you latex outfits can easily make this happen – I see it all the time. Plus, look at other pics of April Summers on web (like #28 at barstool link below). She seems to have a particularly deep crack.

      • cannonball967

        I meant 28th pic at barstool link ABOVE. Disregard pic of pink lace panties. Attached by accident when I typed "#28." Oops. Did it again.

      • GuyWithAPenis

        There's the edge of a door frame or something at the right edge of the picture that comes down to her right cheek. Just where it should disappear behind said right cheek, it smears to the right.

        So unless her ass is hot enough to bend light, it's shopped.

    • Mr Smartypants

      Wow #1 fake look at the wall close to her ass above her right ass cheek. photoshopped sorry.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    #41 Camping, you're doing it right

    • DatWop32

      Ohhhhh but YESSSS!!

    • NICK CCC

      This guy stumbled upon this on his hike…jackpott

    • AndrewJ411

      Trying to hide your latest victim, you're doing it wrong.

    • Darksoul

      Looks like a job well done, congratulations man/woman, that's the way she should look like the day after.

      • djp

        I agree, Darksoul. This smacks of post-coital afterglow. Lord knows she has the equipment to slap a good one on the lucky recipient.

    • phydor

      made me pitch a tent

  • echogeo

    What a way to start!
    Great way to end!

    • HamSamich


      • chvlvr

        everything between was nice also

    • ChelseaRules

      #1 looks so unbelievably uncomfortable! I have a strange kind of respect for that chick. Keep up the good work!

    • ddd

      what porn is #60 from?

      • tLoko420

        looks like it could be Asa Akira.

      • PapaB

        100% that it belongs to Sativa Rose

        • uh-huh

          Many nights by yourself?

    • PapaB

      the one on the right belongs to Sativa Rose. 100% sure

    • CptO

      #1 shopped #60 asa akira

      • THOR

        #60 is tori black in a movie she did with jennifer white

    • bobbyM5

      google asa akira bootylicious girls 2 (NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • whyme1973

    #1 #3 #11 #25 #55 Perfection.

  • Warren

    #59 Oh my damn!

    • Connor Macmanus

      Must have moar of her, she is gorgeous.

      • Waterdog

        Veronica Ricci. Your welcome.

        • Nammer

          His welcome what? Oh, you meant to write "you're", didn't you?

    • tone


    • Linkdreams

      I couldn't hold it any longer at this one.

    • David E

      Positively smashing! From LT E

  • HamSamich

    one does not simply Keep Calm on Humpday…

  • Camarodude

    #60 holy hell thats a porno I was just watching it was jenniffer white

    • rumpelstiltskin

      …since when is jennifer white tan?

    • HamSamich

      Good eye…she's mah boo.

    • ZinnNasty

      No No No.. That's Asa Akira.. Super Hot Porno Star!

    • ChiveAtWork

      that's sad that you can tell who it is lol

      • md043

        You are all wrong… Its Rachel Starr

        • ZinnNasty

          It's Asa Akira,…. I have a "Friend" that just watched that video….

          • flight_crash


            you are all wrong! that is my kid brother the day we caught him playing dress up in mom's clothes!!!

    • tLoko420

      Jennifer White is pale and that ass is way bigger…deserves its own Hump Day post!

    • anonymous

      that is Asa Akira, she is my fav

    • Idiots

      Amy Reid is the owner of that ass

    • PapaB

      all of you are wrong, 100% certainty that, that lovely ass w/ gap belongs to non other than the very talented and mega hot Sativa Rose. Hands down her perfect ass

    • anonymous

      youre stupid that's asa akira

      • Boner

        i thought i was the only one perverted enough to know that that butt is the butt of pornstar asa akira

    • emz

      guys im a girl, nd all you have to do to find out who it is is go on google images and type in ''asa akira gif'' and shes right there!!! nice gif tho i must say!

    • TonyZ

      Asa Akira is Insatiable is what it's called.

    • Keyser

      It's London keys actually. I know that ass lol

  • echogeo

    Amazing how the retreads are never whined about in this post!

    • Lucas

      nah dude, its Asa Akira… im not proud of knowing thins

  • Brian


    Now that is just the kind trouble I am looking to find.

    • Anon

      Not going to lie, I thought this was Sandra Bullock when I first looked at it?

    • Alan

      yes but hate the high waisted style making a comeback. We need to keep the low rise!

  • bob_the_cook

    #1, #25 could have been the entire post

    • Mr X

      My thoughts exactly!

    • CptO

      #1 shopped

  • Csquaredapparel


  • KeepinCalm

    #28 Mesmerizing

  • echogeo

    #39 #58
    Daisy Dukes season is fast approachin'!

    • Bumbu Claat

      add #22 to your comment … nom nom nom

      • echogeo

        Those look more like Daisy Panties! Not that there's anything wrong with that! 😉

    • bumble

      It's been a long winter. It's time to see "signs" of spring.

  • Captain

    #6 = 900 horsepower — WOW!!!

    • boombastick

      know how i know you're gay…

      • Captain

        because those are Mercury Verado's with a counter-rotation outer motor?!?!?!

    • Specter

      Question is how many strokes would…….nevermind.

  • Woodrowrules

    #37 #43 #49 I love Hump Day! Very nice

    • Boozer

      Yes yes…MOAR of #43

  • Trevor

    #57 Does he have a belly button ring??

    • Cyril

      Chick bro

      • capt'n Obvious

        no, i think that douche has a belly button ring. that is no chick on the bottom

      • Mick

        I honestly didnt even see the guy 'till you mentioned him …

        • Eric Cartman

          What a total doucher… wow.. what a waste…

          • chicago joe

            Ultimate Friendzone

            • jaimilee

              I'm a chick and that navel piercing is super hot. Just saying.

    • thundercat

      Dam #1 I motor boat that ass. #2 nice ass and legs I luv it.

    • guy

      this girl must have some serious DADDY ISSUES

    • Tim

      you are looking at that and notice are more interested if "he has a belly button" lol come on Trev Dogg look at those fine hams

    • Chris

      dude i thought the same thing but I'm trying to convince myself its a chick

    • Guest

      Haha second I saw this I was wondering if anyone else did. I second Eric Cartman, complete doucher


    Hump Day, the best day of the week

  • BigPup

    #2 #54 #56 Annnnnnnnnnnnd THAT's why I LOVE theCHIVE!

    • Steve

      56 is the worst type of person…BAD photoshop and classless enough to take a photo with a suit she's too poor to buy,

    • Gabe

      #2 on the left is amazing, that's a perfect lower half

      • Michael

        I SECOND THAT!

    • Tom.C

      Sue is that U? Tom.

  • Mike

    #52 you are smokin hot

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      I keep singing the WHO in my head when I look at this.

  • Freddie

    #1 HQ damnit!

    • guest

      This whole thread should be in HQ damnit!

  • xavi00


  • Brett Donovan

    (Eyes start to water) IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.

    • tango


  • Indiana Chive Fan

    #2 Socks lie. Those are not bad asses. They are great asses!

    • Rommel Villanueva

      The girl on the right is jaquelyn kay.

  • Matt

    #2 My gawd, the one on the left needs to be in the next legs post as well. Wow!

    • jacks

      CrossFit makes great legs and humps.

      • @David_W_Taylor

        Yes, yes it does. 🙂

      • Jouhker

        Noticed the socks, shoes, and saying on her shirt too! Easy to pick them out now.

    • VAchiver

      Found the amazing girl on the left, names Allison Bishop

    • john

      they're both hot… i prefer the one on the right

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