• this guy says

    whats even more disturbing is my two year old niece calls me the cookie monster and my sister is elmo

  • 54adam

    Wow this is really twisted.

  • avidd

    I Knew It!

  • Zrock76

    Well I can never go into Toys-R-Us again without recalling this video

    • Sticky Wickets

      I plan on recreating it every time I go somewhere with a toy department

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    cookie monster stole my line at the end… "Uh Ha Ohhh thats a good one"

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  • Alicialuvzu

    * Deleted scenes from toy story!! lmfao xD

  • Dan

    F didn't just stand for "friendship" that day.

  • noegod

    Cookie monster grunting for the win!

  • Anggri

    #12Whata chick magnet!Could you iagimne driving that around. “Hey, where u off to?” ” Your bat cave baby”. Oh yeah. your bat cave.

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